save yourself…from scammers…(3 part-read last)

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And how does consumer advocate David Horowitz propose we stymie the efforts of cyber-crooks? Read on…

Protect yourself
     If you’re on Windows, run a security package. Use a modern browser, such as the current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, all of which have built-in measures for protecting you against the fraudulent sites used by social network scammers. And make sure you’ve got the current version of your operating system, since it’ll have the latest patches for security leaks.
     Be particularly cautious about any message that suggests you click off the site to perform an action such as watching a video or seeing a photo. If an acquaintance sends you a cryptic note that looks fishy, don’t hit “Reply,” but send a separate note to the person who sent it, asking if it is real.
     Be aware that a hacker could break into one of your friends’ social network accounts and use it to spam you with scam messages that might lead you to give away information. If the same hackers tamper with your account they can launch attacks on your family and friends. Protect your personal information by choosing cryptic passwords with random characters, numbers and punctuation marks. Change them periodically.

Great Blue Heron

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i think scammers should get real jobs…don’t you?…

………hugmamma. 😉

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