the fickle finger of fate…then…and now

Salmon Days

Image by Jeff Youngstrom via Flickr

I remarked to my husband as we strolled through streets overflowing with out-of-towners, “Can you imagine if the shooter had chosen today to leave his mark in our midst?” With thousands drawn to celebrate the return of salmon at our annual “Salmon Days” festival, the police were out in force. A sign of the times.

Gathering from the news reports days after the incident, it seems the shooter had rented a car which he’d driven 500+ miles before running out of gas in our town. Abandoning it and taking only 2 guns from the cache later found in the car, he bypassed people going about their business, without killing anyone. 

Calls were made to 911 which confused the police. They weren’t able to discern if more than one suspect was roaming the area. It may be that he was seeking another means of escape, because the owner of a parked car called out when he saw the shooter attempt a break-in. Not long afterwards, he and the police got into a shootout and he was killed.

According to a friend of his, the shooter had visited our police station some time prior to last weekend. He was carrying an unregistered gun, for which he asked to be arrested. The police didn’t comply, claiming he’d not committed any violations. His friend felt the gunman was seeking help for himself. It is surmised that he intended to commit suicide, allowing himself to be killed during the shooting spree.

With more and more suicides cropping up in the media, I wonder at the hopelessness that seems prevalent nowadays. With money being the key to paradise, good old-fashioned values are being exorcised from society.

I am my brother’s keeper.
He’s not heavy; he’s my brother.
Treat others as you would have them treat you.
We are all God‘s children.
Share and share alike.

There are those trying desperately to curtail the suffering of those in need of help. But is it too little…too late? The ever-widening crack threatens to swallow up those who are free-falling in the current environment of negativity. Amidst the politicians and their followers who are doggedly clinging to their righteous ways, and the wealthy power brokers who are continuing to pick through the rubble snatching up “baubles” for their portfolios…human beings are being offered up as sacrificial lambs. In the grand scheme of things, they are expendable, it seems. They’re just statistics, whose numbers are ever-growing.

So rather than wait to be sacrificed, some are impaling themselves…and committing suicide. And I can’t help but think……these are someone’s children. A mother gave birth…with great hopes for ner newborn.

…what happened…to us?…where are the values upon which america was born?…


6 thoughts on “the fickle finger of fate…then…and now

  1. It is a terrible and sad thing that is going on. The worst is when they kill their own family along with themselves. That’s just not right. You have a great compassion for people and thats a very good thing. After all that Amada Knox has gone through I have started to wonder how many other people are wrongly imprisoned.


    • We could be overwhelmed by thoughts of the many who suffer unfairly. That could throw those of us too sensitive for our own good into a tailspin of self-inflicted sorrow. Better we do what we can…where we can…and pray for what we can’t.

      hugs… 😉


  2. The person taking the video should have been taking cover.

    Such a sad end to a desperate soul’s life! I know that my silence makes it easier for politicians and the wealthy power brokers to treat people as expendable statistics. But, I can’t express my opinions as well as you and nrhatch. So, thank you for speaking up!


    • As a child raised in the Catholic faith, I learned of Satan’s having been an archangel, like Michael, whose ego became so inflated that he thought he could be God. Of course we know the outcome of that story. Somehow, perhaps because of my poor background and dysfunctional family, compassion for sinners trickles like a creek through my veins. Perhaps because I had brothers who were jailed for felonies and, as a toddler, I witnessed my mom tearfully plead for mercy from parole officers.

      I tend to separate the sinner from the sin. And being a mom myself, I empathize with all mothers who have given of themselves the best they could. No matter the jokes…the umbilical chord does tie a mother to her child.


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