dog…with a message

Visited one of my favorite blogs, figments of a duchess, and was warmed by a particular post. Featured front and center is “woman’s best friend”…well, in this case it co-stars a man. Regardless of gender, the message is the same. Our furry companions will do anything for us…even going to great lengths if they’re allowed to be with us. I know Mocha would agree. Just not sure she’d have the courage of this canine. Especially since my husband and I don’t have the courage of this pet owner. Motorcycles? Not so much.

…enjoy… gratis my friend the duchess who first shared it…hugmamma.

10 thoughts on “dog…with a message

  1. LOL, someone here was arrested for dangerous driving after doing something similar.

    We have a friend that always takes her little dog for ‘walkies’ in the basket of her bicycle! Must try to get a snap of that if I remember.


    • I guess dogs will do whatever their owners can think up. The responsibility, therefore, is always the owner’s. Now that I think about it…I wonder if the police would’ve stopped the motorcyclist if they’d seen him with the dog riding “shotgun?”

      hmmm… 😉


    • You’re the second dog-lover who’s voiced a negative reaction. Goes to show women wouldn’t think of doing such a thing to our best friends. Although the blogger from whom I “borrowed” this is a motorcyle afficianado herself. Not sure if she’d be up to this trick, however. That’s what makes the world go “round, I guess. 😉


  2. I kind of doubt that the dog is as happy as can be. Like you said they will go to great lengths to please us and be with us. I don’t see how that can be comfortable for the dog or safe for that matter.


    • My heart would be palpitating the entire time. But as I said I wouldn’t subject my dog, nor myself, to motorcycle-riding. To each his own, I guess.

      hope your day is a good one…health-wise…and other-wise… 😉


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