weekly photo challenge: comfort

I like to call it…comfy-cozy. And there’s more than one way that expresses what it means to me…comfort…ah, won’t you join me?………hugmamma.

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26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: comfort

    • There’s an area in Southampton, England, where horses are allowed to roam freely. They belong to someone, but are left to fend for themselves…living off the land so to speak. People have to give way to horses, much like in India where cows are considered sacred…moving about as if they ruled.

      …the snoozing horse was too hard to resist… 🙂


  1. these are wonderful images! for one of them, you and i were toe-ing along the same line 🙂
    your very comfy animals made me smile, especially the cat leaning against the post. how can that be comfortable? but for a cat, comfort is not so much a feeling as an act of free will.
    and your meals made me hungry….. must be dinner time soon!
    thanks for sharing.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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