“thank you…for letting me be myself!!!”

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Grooved with Sly and The Family Stone last night…along with many others in the audience, of course! Remember them from the 60s and 70s? Among other rocking numbers…Dance to the Music…Everyday People…Hot Fun in the Summertime…and Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself. Brought back a lot of memories…college days, disco balls, beach dates, psychedelic colors.

Living in Hawaii at the time, and not being a part of the drug scene, Woodstock could have been on Mars for all my friends and I knew. A scholarship and work study student, I had to keep my nose to the grind if I wanted to graduate with a degree from the University of Hawaii. At the time, the mainland United Stateswas only somewhere to vacation…if I was lucky enough to afford air fare.

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Sly and The Family Stone were one of the many groups who made history more than 4 decades ago at Woodstock. All that remains of the original ensemble are the drummer, the saxophonist and the trumpeter. In their 60s and 70s, these three still had the moves. They were joined by younger members who have kept Sly’s message and voice alive. Together both generations brought the house down!

By the end of the evening the entire audience was on its feet, bumping and grinding to the rythmn and beat of music from the past. Sounds and lyrics still relevant in today’s society with its economic, political and racial woes. Times change…but not that much.

Zippity the Hamster Exercising in His Wheel

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When the group broke into the oldie but goodie Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself, I thought of my husband. Throughout 41 years of marriage, he has never asked me to be other than who I am. Even when I wasn’t sure who I was. Feeling pressured to be what others thought I should be, had me running like a hamster on its wheel. My husband never waivered in his loyalty, standing alongside me, waiting for me to dislodge myself from the vise of others’ approval. Long journey, trying to get home to me. I owe a lot to the one person whose belief in me never waivered.

Since our lives have settled into that of empty-nesters, we’ve enjoyed going on date nights, usually to movie theaters. Agreeing that there aren’t many we care to see of late, my husband and I have taken to dining at a jazz club. A nice, cozy meal, followed by music…from mellow…to rocking. Thing is, my husband isn’t a huge fan of jazz. He’s slowly warming to it…live. He still doesn’t care much for the canned kind…what comes out of the radio. But knowing how much I love to move to the rythmn of the music, my husband willingly accommodates my passion. As long as I don’t insist he dance…which I’ve stopped doing…a long, long time ago. We’re both very happy that we can…

… just be ourselves!………hugmamma.

14 thoughts on ““thank you…for letting me be myself!!!”

  1. I love Sly and and the Family Stone ! I’ve been to one of their show few years ago during Nice Jazz Festival. Of course Sly was really aged and he only came on stage for 3 or 4 songs but what a thrill !! There were such a mood out there ! I have to admit I was jumping around and screaming from happiness to could see him on stage !
    What a wonderful time I had !!
    I am really feeling myself like a very lucky woman to could saw him and the band on stage considering his old age and how young I am !
    By the way, my favourite song is “If you want me to stay” and this night, he played it !!


    • Weren’t you lucky to hear Sly. I wonder if he’s still alive, and performing. The group definitely gets everyone up on their feet…loved moving and grooving to their music. 🙂


  2. Of course I remember Sly and the Family Stone. Sounds like a great concert. Your nights out sound special too. We used to do that. Now that we are alone together, we don’t make a special effort. Maybe we should.


    • My husband and I have only just begun…making an effort, that is. Never too late. Just have to find something…anything. We started with movies…chick flicks for me…super-hero or animations for him. Once we made the connection…we were open to other avenues for togetherness.

      Watching videos together is another favorite…mostly black-and-white oldies. I try to find ones that I know he’ll also enjoy. The other night we watched “Huckleberry Finn” with Mickey Rooney. He was sooo happy I bought it. Old films just give me a warmth that current films often lack.

      …sly and the family stone gave me that same feeling… 🙂


    • My husband’s been a good sport about date nights listening to jazz. I try to reciprocate by letting him snore contentedly in front of the TV most nights. Took us a lot of years…to get the puzzle that is our life…just about right. 😉


  3. I was busy being myself to the tunes of Sly and the Family Stone in college. They were and are a favorite to listen to. Hot Fun in the Summertime! Now there’s a tune!! Great post Hugmamma! You and your Husband sound like me and my Hubby! My Husband has been retired since 2007, it has been good. Just be sure to carve some time out for yourself. I almost forgot how to drive my own vehicle and pump gas until I said ” I am NOT going to be one of those little old ladies!”. Hopped in my little sports car and cranked up the radio and drove-All by myself again 🙂 He is probably happy to have some time alone too 🙂


    • I’ve been semi-retired for 25 years, working part-time jobs when my daughter was a toddler and throughout her years in school. I’ve continued to dabble in selling antiques, not highly profitable but a fun hobby. As an empty-nester for just under a decade, I’ve been able to carve out time for myself during the day when hubby’s at work. In between housekeeping, errands, and pet care I make sure to do things I like…blogging, reading, a little TV. With fibromyalgia which sees me fatigued at day’s end, I take my time doing what I need to do. If I accomplish one big thing a day…or several small things…I’m satisfied. I definitely don’t push myself as I use to in younger years. While life ran more like a machine in tip-top shape, I wasn’t taking time “to smell the flowers.” Now…I “smell the flowers first”…and do what I can about the rest. I think hubby’s happier too because he can “smell the flowers” too.

      hugs for sharing…your heartfelt warmth…and words… 😉


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