daily photo challenge: wonder

Curious speculation, sometimes comingled with doubt. The meaning of wonder in a nutshell…according to Webster’s dictionary. And the one creature in my life who always views me with wonder…my grandkitty.

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26 thoughts on “daily photo challenge: wonder

    • My photography skills are such that my grandkitty’s eyes are greener than they are in reality. Now if only I’d figure out how to adjust for red eyes, excessive green eyes, etc. 😉


  1. Misha is definitely a photogenic, fluffy grandkitty! I want to pick him up and give him a big hug. But, I know from trying that with my own kitty that it has to be their idea. Great entry!


    • I’ve not had a more photogenic kitty in my life. And as you say, I always want to smother him with hugs and kisses…but there’s only so much he puts up with…and it’s not much. 😉


    • Love your kitty gravatar! Is that your Himalayan? My grandkitty definitely thinks he’s the cat’s meow. Doesn’t he look it…posed so regally? I just follow his lead. He poses…I shoot. We’re a great team! At least I think so. Not so sure he agrees. Probably sees me more as a pest. ha, ha. 😉


    • I’ll have to pass along your compliments to fuzz face, floofy feeties Misha. I’m sure he’ll agree with you…he’s very full of himself. Righly so, I think. ha, ha. 🙂 He has something in common with Mr. Squirrel in my header. That little critter stands his ground, no matter how close I get to him. He doesn’t take kindly to my asking him to leave the bird seed…to the birds, either. All he surveys, he seems to think belongs to him. He is a cutie, I must admit the more I see this photo. 🙂


    • I’m sure you’ll agree…it’s the subject matter that can make the photo…special. This is the case with my grandkitty. He’s so photogenic…he’s the cat’s “meow!” 🙂


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