words…for the ages…

don't worry be happyBorrowed the following from fellow WordPress blogger…Mizz. She borrowed it from Glamour Magazine.

I added a little something of my own…a couple of youtube videos to illustrate the lesson in these words. One is cute and suitable for children; the other, I’d rate PG-13…for its bawdy showmanship. Have to give the “singers” credit…for their creativity…and fearlessness. No one I know would have that kind of hutzpah!


Don’t Gossip.

Do Offer genuine compliments every day.

Don’t Slate yourself.

Do Be your own friend.

Don’t Focus on negatives.

Do Focus on the positives–the more uplift/inspiration, the better!

Don’t Fight back.

Do Remain calm–defending an attack–invests in the attack.


…sounds good to me!…and now…prepare to laugh…

…can’t fail to…be happy…after that………hugmamma.   🙂

6 thoughts on “words…for the ages…

hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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