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The Twilight Saga (film series)

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A year ago when I began this blog, I noted in my page Top Honors that I wasn’t a fan of the young actress Kristen Stewart, the much-envied heroine of Twilight. While I’m still not a die-hard fan of the film, I must admit to liking some of its elements. 

Twilight’s fear factor reminds me of older films like the Mummy. Permitting myself to be scared out of my wits is secondary to the story embedded within such films. An unlikely suitor pursues the love of his life, taking on all opponents without thought for his own safety. I’m also a sucker for action. Who isn’t? But I don’t relish movies that unwind like balls of string, gruesome slaying…after gruesome slaying…after gruesome slaying. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Stephenie Meyer on her Eclipse tour in 2007.

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I’ve not yet read Stephanie Meyer‘s books upon which Stewart’s character is based. I’m sure she evokes all that Bella is…a painfully shy teen, totally befuddled by life, swept off her feet by gorgeous, bad boy Edward, who happens to be a vampire. This, however, wasn’t enough to make me a fan of the actress or of Twilight, for that matter.  

My initial interest was the same as every other red-bloodied female…Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, the gorgeous vampire. I wanted him for my daughter. She wanted him too. We would laughingly commiserate on ways for her to meet him. I even emailed Ellen de Generes, wondering if she could introduce the 2, and perhaps arrange for them to go somewhere for coffee. No surprise that Ellen never got back to me.


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Mine was probably the same fantasy as millions of other mothers, and women, wanting one on one time with the man behind the vampire. If Pattinson were in need of blood donors, there would be no shortage of females lining up to let him drain them dry. Somehow…I don’t think my daughter or I would be up for that. After all, there are a lot more fish in the sea. I must admit, however, that Pattinson is one great catch!

Now perhaps you’ll understand my previous indifference toward Stewart. Although I still don’t think of her as a great actress, I think she does an appropriate job with Bella. In fact the two might be interchangeable. What has influenced my change of heart is not only her on-screen persona, but Stewart’s off-screen personality as well.

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While she takes acting seriously, Stewart seems less impressed with all the movie star hype. Appreciative of her fans, she explained in a recent interview she feels they relate to her, because they see themselves in her. That if it weren’t for all the hoopla, she and they would be the same. Can’t say I’d go as far as to say that, but I like that she did.

My daughter also pointed out that Stewart loves to cook for the film crew. And according to those who know her well, she’s a jokester. Something I’m sure she has in common with Pattinson. The few times I’ve seen him being interviewed, he looks and acts like such a goof-ball, not the super suave hunk he portrays in films. Good for both he and Stewart for being themselves, instead of playing the Hollywood PR game. 

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My daughter and I think it’s wonderful that Bella’s and Edward’s characters have found their counterparts in real-life lovers…Kristen and Robert. We sincerely wish their relationship longevity…as all the glitz and glamour fades into the background.

Meanwhile i’ll be catching 40 winks at midnight tonight…

…while my daughter…and millions of other bella wannabees…crowd theatres…for a glimpse of their vampire heartthrob…not that i blame them…


4 thoughts on “twilight…rethinking kristen stewart

  1. I don’t know what to think about her neither. Something is bother me in her way to act, I can’t really explain but it seems like in all the movies that I saw with her inside, she was always acting the same…
    And I don’t know about Robert Pattinson, he’s a good actor but he doesn’t fit to the look I’ve imagined for Edward when I as reading the book. I don’t know how to explain it but I have the feeling his head looks funny. If I had to choose, I would have seen someone like Ryan Gosling playing Edward than Rob ! 😉


    • My daughter is a bigger fan of Twilight and Robert Pattinson than me, so I’ll have to ask her opinion. I’m almost certain she’d choose Pattinson over Gosling however. But you know…to each her own when it comes to men. So nice to hear from you…hope all’s well with you. 🙂


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