holiday compassion…

Felt better after another chiropractic adjustment today. (Issaquah Family Chiropractic)

Could turn over from my stomach onto my back without grimacing in response to a knife-like pain that had accompanied such movement only a couple of days ago. Even raising myself into a sitting position, I was beginning to feel like my old self. My chiropractor agreed. One more appointment on Monday, and I’ll be headed for physical therapy for back strengthening treatment. Looking forward to it. Maybe then I’ll be able to return to exercising with the gals.

As I exited the chiropractor’s, I even exclaimed to no one in particular “Wow! I feel good.” I heard the receptionist chuckle as the door slowly closed behind me.

I felt well enough to visit my favorite, local gift shop LOOKS. I’d not been by since their Christmas decor went up. It didn’t seem as full as in years past. Perhaps holiday shoppers have already done some damage…all for the good. Or maybe the economy has limited the owner’s purchasing power. Whatever the case, I’m never disappointed with what I see.

To my great pleasure holiday vintage seemed to be the shop’s general theme. In particular, Victorian Christmas trees, santas, village pieces and ornaments lined a number of shelves. Mercury glass candle holders with jewels affixed to their fronts were displayed in an array of silvers, golds, as well as a few blues, greens and purples. (

LOOKS never fails to get me into the holiday spirit. It’s a delightful destination in and of itself.

One of my favorite lady friends was on hand to welcome me with a warm hug. After relaying what I’d been up to in recent weeks, she informed me of her debilitating bout of diverticulitis. She’d experienced a similar bout a few years ago which was resolved with anitibiotics. She’s not been so lucky this time around, and is consulting a surgeon to explore her options. We both agreed that it sucks to grow old.

A hug, a shoulder, an ear, a few words…shared in compassion…goes a long way in healing the spirit…of someone in need. The holidays seem to bring out the worst of times..and often the best…of human kindness…

…huge hugs………hugmamma.  🙂

5 thoughts on “holiday compassion…

    • Am making my way back to normal…very slowly. But am optimistic, especially since I’ve so much for which to be thankful…for friends like you, for example. hugs…hugmamma. 😉 Hope all’s well with your loved ones.


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