My thoughts began stirring even as my sleepy head lay resting contentedly on my memory foam pillow. At this hour of the morning, still too early for me to peel the flannel back from my unfocused peepers, I usually murmur to my brain “Go back to sleep…it’s not yet time…a few more winks…it’s so cold…and I’m sooooo comfy-cozy…all snuggled up in my warm blankets. Then one single, solitary word began repeating itself over and over again. Others slowly followed, until a poem of sorts began to emerge. Unable to stop myself, I leapt into action to put fingers to keyboard. 


…in yourself
…in your worth…to others…and to you
…in your goodness…and in your desire to do good
…in your possibilities…and that all things are possible
…in your ability…especially in overcoming negativity
…in your strengths…don’t dwell on your weaknesses (we all have a few)
…in those who love you
…in tomorrow, the dawn of a new day
…in your gut instinct…it knows you best
…in compassion…for others…as well as yourself
…that you are your own best friend…always root for youself
…that you deserve to be alive…and that you DO make a difference
…that you can do whatever it is you want…and that you will succeed
…that it is you who sets your own agenda…not others

…and always believe…that happiness is there for the taking…in all the small moments…every day of your life…


(I believe it’s time I grab another 40 winks!)

42 thoughts on “believe…

    • What can I say except that I’m very moved that you think my poem might help your son. I wrote it at a point in time when my spirits were low, having discovered a seemingly close friend felt secretly very critical of me. It caught me so off guard that I had difficulty feeling good about myself…until I decided, with my own family’s help, that the problem was not mine, but the woman’s. It was then I decided to BELIEVE in myself and to surround myself with positive, not negative, people. I also came to realize that I am not the center of others’ lives. They have their own issues which are all about them and their perceptions of the world and the people in it. When necessary I now remind myself that I can’t change the world, or myself, for those who are disappointed with what’s happening in their lives…they have to do that for themselves. Funny thing…I use to tell my daughter that when she was younger. That when another child said or did something unkind, it was because she was sad or miserable with herself, that the issue was really hers and not my daughter’s. We need to remember that when we become adults. Lots of hugs…to you and your son. Please also tell him how grateful this mom is for your sacrifice and his in serving all of us here in America. It must be especially difficult during these frightening times. God bless you both and my prayers are with you…always.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day, hugmamma!…with continuing thanks and blessings to you and your lovely daughter and family. I just posted your poem “Believe in yourself” again today for this year’s Mother’s Day wish to our children…warm and happy blessings to you… Kathy (Pocket Perspectives)


    • I hope your Mother’s Day was as special as you are, Kathy. My poem is in your safekeeping forever, it seems, and for which I will be eternally grateful. hugs and happiness all the days of your life… 🙂


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    • Thanks so much for stopping by…and leaving a comment. Helps me continue to believe i can write…we all need that kind of encouragement in our lives…

      huge hugs…hugmamma. 🙂


      • Hugmamma…. rest assured…you can write! People are/were very moved by your poem….it really resonated with others. There were lots of likes too….a very special poem. Thanks for sharing it…kathy, pocket perspectives : )


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  8. This is absolutely beautiful….is it okay if I add it to a background and put it in a section (called “other” ) of my blog where I keep inspirational ideas that I get, mostly from others?…ones that I take frequent looks at took keep myself inspired. And I want to send it along to my 24 year old daughter too… kathy


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