numero uno…you!

I’m on a roll…haven’t felt so energized in what seems like forever. The chiropractic adjustments must’ve worked their magic on my brain cells as well as my back. All the fuzzies are gone. I feel another makeshift poem coming on. Bear with me as I make sense of my thoughts.

no time?…make time!
can’t sit!…who says?
what for?…yourself!
not worth it!…why not?
you think?…for sure!
low man on the totem pole!…who put you there?
me?…no doubt!
my turn at the top!…who’s boss?
i am!…happy?
deserve it?…you betcha!
you betcha!…any questions?

none whatsoever!!!………hugmamma.

2 thoughts on “numero uno…you!

    • Writing is therapeutical for me. So while I may not be 100% better physically, my cranium is contributing mightily toward fixing all that ails me.

      and your thoughtful comments also support me in my quest for arthritic relief…bless you!!! 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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