My husband just informed me that there’s commercial advertising attached to my posts. I wasn’t aware of this fact, so I’ll be looking into the matter with WordPress support staff. I’ve not noticed it when visiting other blogs. I’ve just checked the technical aspects of my blog set-up and didn’t see where I inadvertently okayed such a change.

Is anyone experiencing such unsolicited advertising on your blogs? Would appreciate knowing if you are, and if anything can be done to remove them? Didn’t want my readers to think I was personally trying to sell you something…especially if I don’t like the product myself.


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…strange occurrences…when wordpress starts to tinkering…

………hugmamma.  😉

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  1. The ads have been on WordPress for as long as I can remember. Most of us don’t notice them because we’re usually signed in when we visit our blog as well as the blogs of others. WordPress now has the option for you to put your own (paying) ads on your blog, BUT you have to buy the domain name first (which costs, I think, $17 per year). There may be other conditions as well. I haven’t looked into it enough as I don’t think I have enough blog traffic to make it worth my while to pay for the domain name.

    WP tells you a little about their ads here:


    • thanks lots for the comment…and info. didn’t know i could put my own ads onto my blog. but you say i have to pay to do that…correct? in addition to buying my domain name, which i did. hmmm…will have to check that out.


  2. Hugmamma / Kate – I got an answer from my friend. He bought a value bundle, thinking it included the no-ads option, only to find that was still extra to pay for. He is currently considering self-hosting in 2012.



    • Seems as though we all have to pay attention to…the small print. Is there a continuing ed course for that? I could sure use it for I’m always in a hurry to just get started.

      …my downfall…someone else’s gain… 😉


  3. Just an update. Forty people took the time to visit my blog. Only one reported seeing any adverts and they were localised to his location. I don’t know if I’ve been lucky here.

    Never the less i will be working on a disclaimer over the coming holiday as I want people to know it’s not me and that I don’t endorse any adverts they see.



    • Thanks for the update. As I indicated, my husband only recently saw the ads showing up within the context of my posts. He seems to remember that they might have appeared in the sidebar at one time. If they remained apart, I’d have no problem. But to have readers think the ads are part and parcel, opening them up under false pretenses is what disrupts my equilibrium.

      I too will be conjuring up a disclaimer. I’ll be by to check yours out. Meanwhile, thanks lots for the conversation. It’s great to know we all have each others’ “backs.”

      hugs for taking the time… 🙂


  4. Good Morning Hugmamma! You have probably already heard enough on this subject 🙂 I see no ads this morning but I am signed in. I paid WordPress for my own domain too and paid to get rid of the ads. The ads wouldn’t keep me away 🙂 I don’t know if ads are showing up or not on my own blog-better not be!


    • Good morning to you too, sweetdays. Never can hear enough on the subject…to learn if others feel the same way…and what you’re personally doing to resolve the issue. If I find the ads disruptive, going forward, I might opt to join you in paying to be rid of them. For now…I’ll go with the disclaimer. I personally don’t like to pay for something that is advertised as being “free.” Free is what I signed on for…and I’m trying to hang onto my freedom…by the skin of my teeth…and the clinging tips of my fingernails…

      hugs for your input…as always…hugmamma… 🙂


  5. I’ve seen ads on my own blog(s) when I view it from my husband’s laptop. (I found it quite irritating too..) My daughter says it’s on his computer because he doesn’t have an “ad blocker” on his laptop. I have an ad blocker on my computer. I don’t see the ads from my own computer. I’ve thought of paying the extra for the no ads, but haven’t pursued it, yet..Please let us know what you find out and what you decide to do…


    • If you click on the link in “dogear’s” reply, you’ll get all the background info about the ads according to the WordPress support staff. And if you scroll down to Kate’s reply you’ll see that she’s paid $30/year to bar ads from her blog. At this point I prefer not to spend the money since no one’s complained. Instead I’ll just insert a disclaimer to let readers know the ads are beyond my control; that I neither approve or disapprove of them.

      hope this helps you decide…hugmamma. 🙂


    • ha, ha…the robot is my insert…it’s the youtube video that shows up under my slide show in the previous post “christmas…it was greeeaaat!!!” that isn’t of my doing. But with a lot of help from friends…I am no longer clueless.

      an explanation is all i needed…and now i can decide what to do… 🙂


    • did not know that…my husband’s never seen advertising on my posts before now…has this always been the case?…they don’t show up when I read other blogs on wordpress…is it only when outside subscribers view their posts?

      thanks lots…hugmamma. 🙂


      • From my personal experience, if you’re logged into WordPress you won’t see the advertising. I’ve also found that even if I’m not logged in, but I’m on a computer that I use to access my blog, it won’t show.

        If I’m not logged in, I can see the ads on other blogs. My co-worker, who paid extra for no ads, had a fairly racy ad show up on his blog which he uses to develop business contacts. He was not happy to see the screen shot I took and was considering whether to move to self hosting after that.

        Your husband probably used a computer you weren’t logged into and maybe didn’t even use to log on with.

        Here is WordPress’s support topic on this:



      • I discovered the same thing about my blog a couple of months ago. The other comments in this thread are correct. It is part of the terms for the free blog. For $30 a year you can make it ad free. I did that as soon as I discovered the ad thing going on. My reason for being willing to pay the $30/yr was this. If I cannot control what ads appear, then I am risking ads appearing on my blog that run counter to my values and/or mission. My reputation and mission were worth the $30//yr. On the other hand, it may be that the ads aren’t a big deal to most folks. I totally understand your shock and dismay. I was really upset the day I saw the ads the first time!


        • I’m already paying to own my domain name “hugmamma.” Think it’s $17/per annum. Not sure if I want to lay down another $30 to hold off the ads. I think I’ll just insert a disclaimer in my sidebar advising that the ads are not of my doing; that I neither approve or disapprove. But I think you’re right to go with your gut instinct.

          I already feel WordPress “owns” my blog. Paying them more than I already am makes me feel even less in control, if that makes any sense. They will do what they feel they must…and I will do what works for me…within their parameters. I just needed to know I wasn’t being hoodwinked…and you and Nancy have definitely opened my eyes to the situation.

          huge hugs to you both for helping this senior…hugmamma. 😉


          • I came across to look this morning and noticed your article about ads. Like you I have never seen them but I was aware that WordPress were occasionally inserting them. Must say it has never really bothered me before but maybe it should. I’m part of a great photography community and I have asked the members over there to have a look at my blog to see if they can see any ads. As far as I am aware none of them are WordPress users so they are more likely to see ads. I’ll let you know later how many actually see one if any. However, I will also be putting a disclaimer on the front page and in my disclaimer page about advertising not being under my control.



            • So good to hear from you, Mike. Would definitely be interested to see if ads are appearing on your blog, although I’m guessing they are since WordPress support staff informed me that that is what we signed on for in accepting to blog for free. Evidently I was negligent in failing to read the fine print. So I do accept the blame there. All that blah, blah, blah often floats right over my head.

              While I’m not adverse to adhering to the contract, I wasn’t thrilled to learn that the Pillsbury dough man’s youtube video appeared directly beneath my slideshow showing my family’s community service on Christmas Day. Feeding the less fortunate was somewhat tainted by the ad asking readers to buy, buy, buy…spend, spend, spend. The unsuspecting might have thought the video was part and parcel of my post since no explanation was offered to separate it out. Oh yes…the word “advertisement” appeared in small type…if one thought to look for it.

              Glad you’re considering a disclaimer as I am. Things are what they are. We can only do…what we can do…without stressing overly much.

              hugs for the comment…hugmamma… 🙂


          • Hi hugmamma,
            I’ve been curious about getting my own domain name…but was concerned that something about connecting/links/what I have now might change. When you did create your own domain name, did it change anything in others finding you, being googled, being included in google searchs, links etc?
            Do you know if self hosting leads to any of those problems…I’ve thought of that too, but it’s quite expensive…. thanks, kathy


            • I’d been thinking about owning my domain name “hugmamma” for a little while. I’d heard on the news about a company that bought the name of a small business. The owners, a couple, had decided to fold. Not too long after, maybe a year or so, they wanted to get back into the business and learned that their name had been acquired by another. To recover it they’d have to pay several thousand dollars. They were successful in suing to get their name back without paying for it.

              To think that someone can reap the benefits of one’s hard work by using one’s name to make off with one’s clientele…makes me nuts. So I decided to buy my domain name through WordPress for $17/year. I’m pretty sure that was the price. You can research their info, if you’ve not already done so.

              As far as self-hosting, I’m certain I don’t have the technical skills or the time and energy to manage all that WordPress does…especially keeping the spams at bay. I just want to write. Even where that’s concerned I can’t do all that I would like to do, including writing a book someday.

              For now WordPress suits me just fine…for now… 😉


            • Kathy – getting a domain name does not change your links. They can be found with the domain name or the WordPress name. I did not get a domain name until I’d blogged for nearly 8 months. I think it’s a good idea to do, but your links will work just fine.

              As for searches, most people would look for me as dogear6. Google is inexact on what they return, so people will find me whether I use dogear6, or any other variation.

              Self hosting allows you better control over advertising. WordPress doesn’t put ads on there, but you can. However, you are also responsible for everything, including your own security. If you have a lot of activity or are doing it for a living, I’d self host. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

              Your domain name follows you to the self hosting, so the search part of my answer doesn’t change.

              WordPress has excellent support and forums. As you come across these things, check it out. Hugmamma is always getting links from me answering her questions as I only speak from my perspective on it.



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