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I cannot stress enough how Nancy at has helped me out of more than one technical jam. She is patient in laying out instructions of which even I can make sense. Connecting the dots with her help has been child’s play…almost. I must admit to having to bring all my faculties to bear. I often overshoot a couple of the dots in my hurry to get on with it. I’m like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland…never enough time…hurry, hurry, hurry!

The most recent dilemma from which Nancy has helped extricate me was posting an image of The Candle Lighter Award in the sidebar of my blog. Scroll down to the end and you will see it burning brightly. If you click on the image, it will take you to where the award originated, my friend Kate Kresse’s blog, I even congratulate myself for doing this without my husband’s computer expertise. Although WordPress applications tend to befuddle him, considerably.

So I must thank both Nancy for helping me to physically accept the award, and Kate for the motivation to do so. If anyone doubts the value of the internet, its enabling of friendships should convince them otherwise. Of course, one must choose one’s friends…wisely. And I have…not just with these two ladies…but with many others as well.

Nancy has added instructions to her blog as to how to insert an image onto a blog. Following is my translation for those who need them in senior lingo…


—Right click on picture; save it as jpg in your own picture gallery.
—Upload the picture into your WordPress media libary. Towards the bottom of the page that opens is the URL for the picture. Right click and copy the URL.
—Go to the Appearance icon in the sidebar of your dashboard and click on widgets. Find an image widget and click on it.
—When the image widget page opens up, insert the URL you’ve copied for the picture. Decide whereabouts on your blog you’d like the image to appear…in the sidebar or foot header. Make sure to save your input.
—If you’d like to link the image to some other site…like another blog…copy the URL of that site from the web browser bar at the top of the screen…and paste it into the “link” space on the image widget. And again…save it.
—VOILA! You’ve successfully inserted an image into the sidebar or foot-header of your blog.

If my instructions are still not clear, please hop on over to for Nancy’s help…with which she is always forthcoming. Tell her…

…i sent you…not that you’ll get a discount or anything…since it’s offered for free…generously…

………hugmamma.  😉 

12 thoughts on “dogear6…genius!

  1. Thanks for sharing these easy instructions. I was able to do this on my own some time ago but have been unsuccessful as of late remembering all of the steps. Thanks again for the award and the instructiions.


    • We can all use reminders from time to time…especially if we don’t practice the steps regularly. I had to write them down and tuck them inside the drawer of my desk…just in case.

      i know you’ll continue to inspire…with your words…like glowing embers…in the dark… 😉


  2. You know I think I did something wrong when trying to insert my candlelighter award. But I have to wait until the right moment to fix it. Who knows when that will happen.


  3. Isn’t it amazing how others are willing to help?…and those step by step instructions are terrific. I have gotten so much more confidence from all my stumblings and figurings-out in the wordpress composing windows…and am actually improving at…patience… Nancy’s ideas have helped me out too….what kindness!


    • You’re right! WordPress has helped me grow and stretch…outside the box. That others are so ready to assist, like Nancy and other friends, Marion Dreissen and Jeanne, demonstrate a willingness to be of service…that we’re all in the foxhole together. Although it’s not as bad as that. Just a metaphor. Many hands…ease the workload. And kindness and generosity beget…more of the same.

      we’re learning patience…you and me… 😉


    • Took me a bit. Didn’t see your email til today. Thought I’d try to do the image transference from your instructions. I’d have called you if my brain was still not hard-wired to figure it out. As you can see…my wires are uncrossed…for now.

      Had trouble uploading youtube on New Year’s Eve. Timethief, a WordPress forum expert tried to help me. But as I told her, this has happened before and the happiness engineers had to fix something that was amiss with the links icon on my dashboard. What I think happens is when I preview new themes to see if I want to change, the process seems to mess up my blog’s wiring. So the next time I try to upload youtube and it doesn’t work, I’ll have to seek the help of the happiness engineers again.

      …you deserve recognition, nancy…i’m only too happy to recommend you…hugs… 🙂


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