2012 resolution…#1

English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

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Hanging up from a phone call just minutes ago, I was inspired, it seems, to put fingers to keys. It was an “aha” moment which had me galloping down the hallway to my writing nook.

So why the rush?

Thoughts and words are always coming at me in a hurry. It’s only natural then that I begin a list of New Year’s resolutionsas they creep intoΒ the sweatshop that is my brain. The first being…

Don’t obsess about…what ifs…what might have beens…what was.

Instead, savor…what is…what can be…and even, change.

The clock continues to tick…even as we stand still.

Don’t be Cinderella…waiting for a second chance at happiness. She was lucky…the shoe…still fit.

I may be compelled to pen more from time to time…or i may not. Just go with the flow…and be on the look out…

…if it suits you. no worries…if it doesn’t…

………hugmamma.Β  πŸ™‚

Cinderella - Prince Charming & Cinderella

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8 thoughts on “2012 resolution…#1

    • I love your gravatar. I had a closer look at it the other day…a “mouse” amongst foliage. I’d have never thought of such a creative metaphor. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment. πŸ™‚


    • I love metaphors. Cinderella was probably still wandering around in my mind (looking for her slipper and/or her prince), because I had seen my daughter in her company’s production in October. It had been beautiful. πŸ™‚


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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