it takes a village…the punch line (read part 1 first)

This part of the yarn is not as long as the set up…true for most punch line endings.

Loving You

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According to my husband, present throughout, I was happy…and loving…in the recovery room.

“You were very happy.”

“You kept telling everyone ‘I love you. I love you.’…the nurse who was there the entire time…the Asian nurse who came in for a few minutes to see how things went…and Dr. Patterson.”

“They all smiled and chuckled. As they did when you went on to say ‘This was good. I like this.’ “

“You asked Dr. Patterson if you could hug him. He said “yes” and leaned over for a hug, still in his scrubs and custom-designed cap. In fact when he left, about 10 minutes later, you asked if you could give him a second hug. Again Dr. Patterson let you hug him…smiling the whole time.”

“Then you announced that you would make him teriyaki meatballs. To which he laughingly replied ‘Okay! Anytime!’ “

Throughout my “loving everyone up,” my husband said I was lucid. When the doctor showed me the photos taken during my colonoscopy I was pleased there were no problems. That’s probably why I was so ecstatic.

Besides the colonoscopy, I’d had an endoscopy. Suffering heartburn for some time and having difficulty swallowing certain foods, like rice, Dr. Purdon, my general practitioner, suggested the procedure. Being a gastroenterologist, Dr. Patterson could do both at the same time. How convenient not to have to make 2 trips to the hospital and down nasty liquids twice…yuck! I’m sure Premera Blue Cross is also glad not to see my costs doubled.

Dr. Patterson had thought that there might be a thin membrane obstructing the passage of foods in my esophagus. If there was, the endoscopic tube would easily break the membrane. However the procedure showed no such obstruction. So the only conclusion drawn was that the sticky texture of rice might be an issue. No worries since I normally eat brown rice as a part of my high-fiber diet.

It seems I was focused enough, not totally la-la, to ask if Nexium might be something I should take for my heartburn. In response Dr. Patterson likened the drug to taking out the “big guns” to solve a little problem. Instead he recommended I use Pepcid AC or Zantac, as needed.

Not too long after my “pow wow” with the doctor, he and the nurses left me to get dressed to leave. When the time came to actually walk out I needed the aid of a nurse pushing me in a wheelchair. Even then I continued to say how I loved them all…and that I would be returning with the promised teriyaki meatballs.

I wonder if Dr. Patterson and the nurses have stopped talking about the babbling, Hawaiian islander who couldn’t stop showering them with love, hugs and food? A lot of yada…yada…yada…

…but I meant everything…i did…and said…right down to the meatballs…

………hugmamma.  😉








2 thoughts on “it takes a village…the punch line (read part 1 first)

    • When hubby told me all I’d said and done, I was in total disbelief…well maybe not totally…since I know full well what I’m capable of doing. Nonetheless I laughed and laughed. When he told our daughter, she too had a good chuckle. I’m the family clown, what can I say…except…

      it’s so much better to laugh…then the alternative…hugs…still plenty of those… 🙂


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