wordpress.org…i’m confused…

Today I was advised by a member of WordPress Support that due to an oversight on their part, they only now realize that I am no longer with WordPress.com, but am with WordPress.org. To say I was as surprised as they is an understatement. How’d that happen? I thought there was a big deal to making that transition. I didn’t think one could accidentally fall into going from WordPress support…to WordPress independence with assistance. But evidently I did.

In trying to sort through the confusion, I’ve emailed both the staff person, John Burke, who first notified me as well as WordPress Support “happiness engineers.” I’m awaiting their replies. Meanwhile I thought I’d ask you, fellow WordPress bloggers, if you’ve had the same experience. If so, why’d it happen and what was the outcome?

Keep Them Confused

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All I can think is that buying my domain name, “hugmamma,” in June of last year somehow made the automatic switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. Nothing in the accompanying language specifically told me that would happen if I made the purchase. I thought I was merely buying my name, so that no one else could use it, thereby redirecting my traffic to them.

Why I would ever think of going from a site where all the technical wizardry was handled for me, to one where I would have to look after all the behind-the-scenes mechanics is incomprehensible to me. I’m not certain if that’s what happened inadvertently when I bought hugmamma.com.

If it is the case, then my advice to anyone thinking of buying a domain name through WordPress had better NOT…unless you want to deal with everything yourself. I’m not even sure what it all involves. That’s how clueless I am about WordPress.org. If I’m told that that’s the pickle I’m in, then I will give up my domain name.

The further along I get on WordPress, the more I feel I’m in over my head. Perhaps it’s time to put away my keyboard. Can’t keep up with the young ‘uns who are speeding along like lightning trapped underground, just itching to crack open the hard earth.

…me?…i just wanna write…

………hugmamma.  😉  

20 thoughts on “wordpress.org…i’m confused…

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  2. I am on wordpress.org too, I wish I had researched it a bit more before I changed, but slowly I have figured stuff out. I did know I was changing though..I will be interested to know what you find out from the happiness engineers 🙂


    • Well I’ve switched back to using “hugmamma.wordpress.com” URL. Since I can do that, it’s obvious I’m not on WordPress.org. All I did was putchase my domain name “hugmamma” for $17 a year. It’s pretty sure someone, or the system, made a mistake. Not sure if the happiness engineers will get around to answering me though since they think I’m with WordPress.org. Do you still get help from them? As a WordPress.com member, the happiness engineers were pretty prompt.

      …i’ll definitely let everyone know what happens…if anything happens…


    • Thanks, Jeanne! You’re a sweetheart! Remember…you were the lone voice when I was getting spammed from leaving comments on other blogs almost a year ago.

      I’ll do a post on inserting youtube videos. I had problems recently and another blogger was so kind to walk me through the steps, holding my hand every step of the way.

      I’ll definitely keep my head up in spite of things that “go bump in the night”…especially when they’re least expected.

      hugs… 🙂


    • I totally agree. I started to back up my posts a long, long time ago when I was spammed from leaving comments on other blogs almost a year ago. I was ready to pack up and go elsewhere. But WordPress apologized for mistakenly spamming me, and so I stayed.

      Because they think I’m with WordPress.org, however, they’re not responding to my queries. But as Nancy says, I’m in control…so I’ll figure out what I want to do.

      …will definitely keep you apprised… 😉


  3. You are correct that you don’t just move from WordPress.org to WordPress.com without a lot of work and some money. It has nothing to do with registering your own domain name though. Both of my blogs have their own registered domain name and are both still on WordPress.com. That’s the same with my friend who was surprised to have the advertising on his site and other blogs that I follow (Butch Dean for example).

    I’m wondering if it has something to do with your issue on the advertising. But still, it doesn’t just happen even if WordPress decided to move you over. I think someone just plain old made a mistake.

    If they can’t or won’t resolve it, you might want to consider just opening another blog and starting over. When I did mine, I used the feature that allows me to invite people to follow me. At the end of it, most of everyone followed me over. The few who didn’t were subscribers that I never heard from and I figured just never got around to unsubscribing.

    Sorry to hear you’re having so much frustration with this. I wouldn’t let it put you off though. You enjoy it so very much. Every hobby has its frustration and so far, you’ve navigated your way through all of them.


    • I’ve switched back to using hugmamma.wordpress.com, instead of hugmamma.com. Am hoping that clears up the confusion. And I probably won’t renew the domain name purchase when it expires in June…if I’m still here.

      Thanks for the support. This hobby can be all-consuming, so I’ll have a good think as to what to do. And you’re right, I’ve muddled my way through the techy stuff, which I’m sure has been good for my growing my brain cells.

      hugs for always saying the right thing, Nancy… 😉


    • That’s a very good question, Kate. What’s very strange is that John Burke of WordPress WordAds asked if I’d like to get paid for having ads on my blog. When I responded that I would be interested, his reply came back saying it was a mistake since I was with WordPress.org. That they’d get around to those blogs once they’d invited WordPress.com bloggers.

      Because they think I’m on WordPress.org I seem unable to get any help from the happiness engineers. As you can imagine…I’m not particularly happy.

      A while ago my blog was being spammed from leaving comments on other blogs. WordPress finally apologized for the mistake saying their system was automatically doing it in error. I think it had to do with a major hacking WordPress was experiencing at the time. I’d thought to walk away from WordPress then…I’m getting that feeling once again.

      …sigh…wish they’d stop tinkering…


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