blogger to the rescue…embedding youtube

There’s a definite camaraderie among WordPress bloggers. It’s no more evident than when someone reaches out to lend a helping hand. Friend and fellow blogger, Kate at answered my request for someone knowledgeable in inserting Youtube videos into posts. I’d been able to do it before, but for no apparent reason that I could discern, I was no longer able to do so.


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Coming to my rescue like a princess on a white charger was Kate’s friend Connie at She emailed me the following instructions which even I could easily understand. I’ve been wanting to share them with you should you ever find yourself up a creek without a paddle…or canoe…as is usually my situation.

Embedding a Youtube Video
by Connie Wayne

1. Select your Youtube video.
2. Click on “share.”
3. Click on “embed.”
4. Copy html code in pop up box.
5. Return to your post draft.
6. Click on HTML (upper right corner above body of draft).
7. Place cursor where you want to insert the video. Paste.Β html code should “drop” into place.
8. Click back to Visual.
9. Save draft.
10. Voila! You’ve done it. You’ll either see theΒ html code, or an empty colored box.
11. Preview post. You should see the Youtube video.

You might want to check out Connie’s daily, inspirational offering of the day. When you visit her blog, tell her…

…whatever you like…she’s all ears…and all heart…

………hugmamma.Β  πŸ˜‰

17 thoughts on “blogger to the rescue…embedding youtube

  1. What a good belly laugh I got out of this! I have never been called a Princess on a white charger. I loved the photo of Susan Sarandon. I am learning what a wonderful sense of humor you have. Thanks for acknowledging me. Now, when can I expect my handsome Prince on a white charger to come carry me away???? Blessings, Connie


    • Let me look for the right prince. Any preferences? Or just a hunk on a horse? Glad you get my tongue-in-cheek humor. Thirteen years of Catholic education by Boston nuns has left me…irreverent. I’ve cut loose from all the restrictions. Must admit though…I’m still a God-fearing woman…who hugs a lot… πŸ˜‰


    • I’m finally making my way through all the lovely comments left by wonderful people like you, Kate. I am touched by your award and will be posting about it tomorrow. Gotta get all my ducks in a row to accept the Lovely Blog Award. But I’ll get there. hugs for your kindnesses towards me… πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been wanting to know how to to do it myself, and hadn’t taken the time to figure it out yet, or ask for help. I know what you mean about the WP blogging community – they are the best!


  3. Hugs to you…I have been unable to insert youtube videos for about 2 weeks. It has been very frustrating. Thank you for sharing the helpful hints. I will give them a try..wish me luck!


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