weekly photo challenge: simple

Snapped this photo in the Queen’s garden at the Palace of the Holy Rood in Scotland. When visiting, Queen Elizabeth resides here.

The simple majesty of this lone tree toward the back of the garden, alongside the castle was magical.


…grand need not be grandiose…simple can be just as grand…

………hugmamma.  😉

17 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: simple

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    • I have to chuckle…the human is my husband…and he’s listening to the tape recorder provided by the Palace personnel for our self-guided tour. On other occasions, however, he has been guilty of interacting with his blackberry…instead of being in the moment…with me. 🙂


    • Trees do inspire, don’t they? Standing tall no matter the weather. Branches bending as the winds blow through…trying not to break. Beautiful in full bloom…or completely barren. Quiet. Still. Bold. Brave.

      …wish i were a tree…for only a day… 😉


    • Have finally posted the award to my blog, image and all. Yeeaayy me! I can finally do it without asking the world for help. Took me a long time though. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙂


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