abc…awesome blog content award

I’m impressed with bloggers who create awards. It takes imagination and technical skill. I’m not certain I could get my act together well enough to pull off such a thing. So I’ll have to content myself with being a humble recipient.

I’ve Marcia Clarke of Marcia Writes at to thank for the Awesome Blog Content Award. In accepting it I’m obliged to present a bio of sorts in the form of the alphabet. So here goes.

I dislike apples.
My body needs reshaping.
Cats rule my life.
My dog wants…out!
If I could only cut out eating.
Fear of heights keeps me grounded.
Ghosts hover…I fear.
Hawaiian…through and through.
I’m forever chasing rainbows…
James, my first crush; Jake, my first
beau, BJV, my everlasting one.
Kehaulani…my morning dew.
I’m in love…with life.
Me, myself and I…practicing self esteem.
I’ve finally learned to say “N-O!” 
Open arms…close arms…and hug!
People watcher… par excellence!
We can all be queens…in our hearts.
Rain, rain go away…and don’t come back!
You are my sunshine…my only sunshine…you make me happy…
I’ve always had a hankering for tall guys.
Ups and downs…that’s life.
V as in Sierra…(sorry…inside joke)
My favorite group of humans…women.
One day I might be signing an “X,” instead of my name. Hope not.
You keep reading…I’ll keep writing.
Zero tolerance for bullying!

Another stipulation to accepting the Awesome Blog Content Award is that I hand it off to another deserving blogger or bloggers. While there are many deserving of the honor, at the moment I’d like to name one… The Laughing Mom at 

Terry writes with tongue-in-cheek humor about life. I’m always smiling when I read her posts…laughing out loud…at times. Moms need to laugh…a lot. If we didn’t, there’d be a torrential downpour of tears…

...the likes of which you’ve never seen before…

………hugmamma.  😉

5 thoughts on “abc…awesome blog content award

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  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the award and the kind words. It will be a challenge to top your ABC list. You know yourself well. By the way, you are one of the most kind, upbeat and interesting bloggers I’ve been lucky to stumble upon. I added you to my blogroll this week. Thanks again and it looks like I’ve got another post to write this weekend.


    • I was just pondering how difficult it is to write my own posts and still make it around WordPress to read other blogs on a regular basis. In revisiting yours I feel I’ve missed out on a lot of laughs. I’ll have to get organized and make the effort more often. How do you manage?

      …after 62 years…i should know myself…well 😉


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