It’s so easy to make friends among fellow bloggers. We’re all carving out our own niches, trying to tell stories others might want to hear. Communities form quickly among like-minded spirits, kindred souls. Those who are creative, design awards of recognition for meritorious efforts. They compel us to stop…and smell the roses…enjoy the scenery…be grateful for this moment.

Kate of Believe Anyway at has invited me to join others in accepting The Lovely Blog Award

Her exact words were…

Gosh oh gosh hugmamma you are beyond kind and thoughtful. Hope you are doing well today. i do so enjoy your blog, posts, photos, poems, videos, philosophy, outlook, etc. I am giving you the Lovely Blog Award :-) . Cuz your blog is lovely! [that is the link}. Have a lovely day/weekend. 

Theresa L Wysocki

It’s gratifying to receive the well wishes of friends, and even more so when bestowing them upon others as deserving, if not more so. I therefore pass along The Lovely Blog Award to Thirdhandart’s Weblog at

Theresa Wysocki is a photographer of quality and excellence. Her elegant blog belies the country girl she seems at heart. Though her lens is focused upon her native Kansas, her photographs and accompanying short stories gather the world at her feet…in awe. I’m one of her greatest fans…

…i’m certain you will be too…

………hugmamma.  😉

8 thoughts on “acknowledging…friends

  1. Thank you so much hugmamma. You are such a warmhearted, loving person; but, also a fierce force to reckon with. You are the total package my dear. Please don’t ever change… except to get better!


    • You’re more than welcome, Theresa. I always say what I mean…or else I don’t say it. As for being a “fierce force”…must be the youngest child syndrome. I’m making up for years of suppression. Add to that a rigid, Catholic upbringing…well, this is what you get. I can say one sure thing about my writing…I’m honest. It can be good, not-so-good, and everything in-between. But it’s always honest. 😉


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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