accepting…a hug…

I’m usually the one giving out hugs, but I’m on the receiving end this time…and loving it. Small PhotoConnie Wayne of Hope For Today at recently told me that she’s also a…hugger, hugmamma, and a hug-gramma. So no small wonder that she created the Hug Award. Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, right. I’m not adept at creating awards…just receiving them.  We’ve all got our talents…according to God‘s wisdom.

The guidelines are many for nominating a blogger into Connie’s Hug Award hall of fame. They can be viewed in their entirety by clicking on the link below. They’re worth a look-see. 

Among the guidelines is one that requires I nominate at least one person who I think fits the description of having hope…”to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence,” as defined by Webster. I’m certain I know of many more, but the ones that immediately come to mind are these whom I have followed for some time, and whom I’m almost certain have not yet been nominated. Although I could be mistaken because Connie is in the midst of compiling a list of recipients, as I type.

Christine Grote of Random Thoughts From Midlife at is a published author, having written of her deceased sister in Dancing In Heaven. It’s a compelling story of a woman who lived her life disabled…but did not let it disable her. Her life touched others in ways that continue to resonate. And now Christine’s family is revisited by sorrow once again in that her dad is stricken with Alzheimer’s. That she can endure life with steady resolve is a tribute to Christine’s hope in the dawn of a new day…each and every day. You won’t be disappointed when you visit my friend and fellow blogger. Give her a hug for me.

My friend at Sweet Days Under The Oaks is a Missouri girl down to her shoes, which run the gamut in her gravatar photo…currently, moccasins. PhotoHer blog is a front row seat onto the wide open spaces of rural America. Snapshots abound beautifully depicting country life among the birds, the horses, and others of God’s  critters, including humans doing what they do…like eating homemade rolls hot out of the oven. Makes me want to sit a spell…and hope that we all might partake of my friend’s…little piece of heaven on earth. Go see for yourself at It’s likely you won’t be in a hurry to leave.

My final nominee for the Hug Award is a man who has relocated to London…and taken his readers with him. Small PhotoTBM of 50 Year Project has challenged himself to visit 192 countries, read 1,001 books and watch the top 100 movies. Quite a goal! But if you peruse his posts, you’ll see that he’s dead serious. I could only hope to accomplish half as much as he. Given the time I’ve left to enjoy on this earth…I think I’ll pass. I’ll live vicariously through TBM. Now there’s someone with everlasting hope…for many, many, many tomorrows. God bless him…which I think He does. I recently gave TBM a hug, which he more than graciously accepted.

…I’m hoping these…and all my friends…accept the hug award…with huge hugs…

…here’s to hugging…cheers!!!…okole maluna (“bottoms up” in hawaiian)

………hugmamma.  🙂

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hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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