swept away…on a tidal wave

That’s how I’ve felt these last couple of months. And while the “waves” have subsided, I’m still dealing with the upheaval that is currently my life right now. Suffice it to say that the New Year is bringing changes…possibly to my daughter’s life…and definitely to my house.

As my daughter contemplates her life going forward, my husband and I are in the midst of a bath/bedroom remodel. I’d forgotten how time consuming and involved it is preparing for the day it all gets underway.

Four years ago when we remodeled the kitchen/dining and living rooms I worked closely with the contractor’s project manager. I specified how I wanted things to look, and he made it happen. This time around I’m working with a different contractor and I’m my own project manager. Saves the cost of paying a “middle man.” However I now see that the job isn’t as easy as I might have thought.

As project manager I must see to all the details, making certain that they are absolutely correct. Not only do I now get to pick out the tiles for the shower walls, floor and curb, the bathroom floor and the baseboard, but I must ensure that the square footages are accurate when I place the orders. If not, I’ll be to blame and money I thought I’d saved by doing the job myself, could be a loss instead.

Of course with remodeling comes the inevitable packing up and storing all the stuff that is normally kept in the bathroom and bedroom. So until I get it all neatly stored away elsewhere, all the other rooms in my house look like an earthquake hit, tossing everything around.

It doesn’t help that Christmas still peeks out from around every corner. Yes! I’ve not yet put the holiday decorations away. I planned to do it in February once all the last get-togethers were finally over and done. But then the “tidal wave” hit, engulfing our family in changes that we knew were coming, but for which we were nonetheless unprepared.

Rather than sweat the fact that I’ve not been as adept at handling the fallout as I like to be, I’ve tried to emulate the calm in the “eye of the hurricane.” What needs to get done, will get done. What can wait will have to wait…like housework and blogging. 

I blog because I love to write, and tell stories, mine and those of others. I know that readers who enjoy my storytelling will return when I’m back on track. At least I hope you will. Until then I pray your lives are full, but not as overloaded as mine is at the moment.

I thank God for the New Year… in which I’ve promises to keep…and miles to go before I sleep.

…i just thank god that i’m alive…and able to do…what needs doing…

………hugmamma.  🙂

30 thoughts on “swept away…on a tidal wave

    • The sunshine helps to warm the body and lift the spirits. Wintry weather has stayed around too long here in the Seattle area.

      Now that the remodel is on the home stretch, I can think a little more clearly. I wasn’t sure I’d return to blogging since I’d been away so long. A little too rusty, I thought. But with the encouragement of friends like you, Kathy, I’m inclined to continue writing and sharing my stories. I’ve missed hearing your stories and others as well.

      It’s good to be back. And thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve missed you too, dear friend…hugmamma. 😉


    • Change is life; life is change. Better to adapt and move forward, than wallow in yesterday and what is no more. I’m just blest to be alive, enjoying God’s creations.

      hugs for your well wishes…right back at ya…hugmamma. 🙂


  1. I spotted your name in someone else’s blog and couldn’t resist coming over. And to see you wrote a blog about remodeling! It must be in the air; I wrote one a couple of weeks ago on remodeling as well. Come on over and take a peek —

    I enjoy your style and your “kept” life style. I am also “kept” by to demanding cats and two rotten spoiled dogs and a husband of 30 years. I write about the madness and magic that faces us as we get older — I see we think alike. I will enjoy following your blog. Keep writing!


    • Sorry for the late reply. So nice of you to stop by and leave such a thoughtful comment. I’ll be sure to visit as I continue to settle back into the routine of blogging. I’ve been a little preoccupied of late. You understand since you’ve a menagerie-ful as I do.

      hugs for reaching out…i can’t wait to be in touch…hugmamma. 🙂


    • What would I do without friends like you Marcia? I’d be wandering in a desert looking for an oasis to refresh myself. The warm sunlight makes me wax poetic. Can you stand it? ha, ha.

      huge hugs for missing my words…hugmamma. 🙂


    • I’ve been meaning to ask about your antique business? Hope you’re having fun selling vintage treasures. I love the hunt…the right price for that special item. Will be by to check out what you’ve been doing while I’ve been MIA.

      hugs! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the note. I drafted a note to you to see if all was okay, but never got around to sending it. Keep us updated as you have time. Once in a while is fine!



    • Thanks for thinking of me, Nancy. It’s nice to know I’ve been missed. Have had a few things on my plate recently. Trying to juggle several projects simultaneously gets a tad more difficult as I age. The mind’s willing…the body…not so much.

      Hope all’s well with you. Last I visited, you were having fun with a new challenge…poetry, I think. I’m sure you’ve made some nice, new friends. Good for you!

      hugs galore! 🙂


    • I’ll be back…when you least expect me. ha, ha. So keep a look out. And thanks for the well wishes. We’re on the home stretch…I hope.

      hugs for the nice comment…hugmamma. 🙂


    • You’re so right! It has been therapeutic writing about the mess I’m in…literally. Living, and writing…great combination, don’t you think?

      hugs for thinking of me…hugmamma. 😉


  3. Good luck…upheaval can be good…sometimes it is what we need to get rid of the clutter…i love that you focus on the things that need doing and don’t sweat the other stuff…


    • I think age has something to do with not sweating the stuff that can wait. It’s easier to prioritize when one is looking at life through the eyes of someone with perhaps 40 years left, if I’m lucky. When one is a 20-something-year-old with 80 years left there’s a tendency to procrastinate on the really important stuff, and focus upon what won’t matter in the long run. But that’s life…

      youth is for frittering away the years…middle-age is for savoring every sweet moment of what really counts. 😉


    • Thanks lots! I seem to remember that you had your hands full with a major move last year. Somehow we all get through changes, big and small. If we don’t get caught up in the stress, life can be pretty great when we make it to the other side of change.

      hugs for your well wishes…hugmamma. 🙂


    • Thanks Christine! Have missed my friends, including you.

      I’m putting away Christmas, finalizing orders for the remodel, and keeping a finger in my daughter’s contemplations about her life. All three seem to be underway in varying stages…so I can finally draw breath…sigh. As a result of some physical clarity, my brain can refocus upon a little mental exercise, like blogging.

      I won’t be back full-time yet, but I’ll “poke a toe in the water” here and there.

      hugs for the support…i’ll post photos of the finished project…in a couple of months. 🙂


    • Thanks for your concern. I’m getting there. Trying not to get caught up in the undertow, meanwhile. Am treading water…keeping my head above so far. Waiting for a couple of big things to resolve themselves. Life’s always challenging…sometimes moreso than others. We all need support.

      hugs for yours…hugmamma. 🙂


  4. I was so happy to see your update. You be sure to take some time for a cup of tea and a whole lot of hugs….that will see you through all of your pending tidal waves. I hope that all of the remodeling goes smoothly, or as smoothly as possible. Take time to breathe…be at peace, dear hugmamma. I know you can see all things through. Love to you this day!! Hugs from sunny AZ –kate


    • God bless friends like you, Kate. You who see me through thick and thin. I believe aging helps us keep our perspectives and priorities clear. Do what we must, don’t over stress, love the lives we live, and love those who love us and bless everyone with compassion and hope.

      It’s snowing here, so while I can’t send you sunshine…I can still send you lots of warm ALOHA…

      and hugs…bucket loads of hugs, kate…hugmamma. 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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