if thoughts could kill…

The book cover.

The book cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of all this hoopla, our dog and 3 cats are prepared to take us all out. And I don’t mean…to dinner. Truthfully though they’ve had the patience of Job. You know, the guy from the Bible who was slammed with more than his fair share of trials and tribulations.

Ours are indoor pets. So having their territory trampled upon by total strangers does not sit well with them. Making matters worse is the fact that they are confined while the men work. Mixing construction workers with 3 cats and a dog would make for total chaos. As mediator, I would be the one pulling my hair out by its white roots. Not a pretty sight!

Corraling the menagerie into their respective safe havens runs like clockwork now. Initially the prospect of managing our pets and their needs was overwhelming. The 3 cats have different dietary needs because of issues ranging from pre-diabetes, kidney failure, and a slow colon. Then there’s our dog who needs her own space. She gets along just fine with the kitties when we’re watching. I’d hate to find out how she really feels about them, if they cohabited without supervision.

I had originally placed our prediabetic cat into the large crate with 3 shelves that sits in the laundry room. Locking him in safely with food, water and a litter box, I then confidently sheltered our dog in the laundry room as well. They were together, but not. Returning to check on the roommates later on the second or third day, both greeted me at the door. Was it my imagination, or were they wearing Cheshire grins? 

I was shocked! Surprised? No.

Left to his own devices our bottomless-pit cat will spend the day tackling any challenge set before him. I have to credit him for patiently unhooking the latch and letting himself out of the crate. What must our dog have thought as she watched in silence? Of course she wouldn’t squeal on her fellow, four-footed friend. After all wasn’t I the enemy for shutting them out of their normal stomping grounds? Had they continued to board together, clever feline might have taught puzzled dog a thing or two.

Having learned my lesson I now house the cat with a slow colon, and a pacific personality, in the crate, and our nimble paws kitty in the downstairs bathroom. Switching them out has proven successful. Peace reigns once again. Except, of course…for the buzz-sawing, hammering, sprinting up and downstairs, door-slamming…aaahhh…

…there’s no place like home…

………hugmamma.  🙂  

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