weekly photo challenge: today

lazy is as lazy does…absolutely zilch! and why not? it’s sunday…a day of rest. 

…even working feet get a day off…once-in-awhile!

…down for the count…at least until it’s time to eat again…which is…when???

…feet up…head down…zzzzzzzzzzz!!!

ssshhh…do not disturb.

………hugmamma.   😆

8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: today

  1. I would love to do that today since I have been going back and forth taking care of my grandog. As you know with fibro it does’t take much wear a person out. I brought her to my house twice yesterday and again today. Now I have to figure out how to keep her from the cat so I can bring her inside at some point.


    • I think I’ll join you…even though it’s Monday. Since I retired…ages ago…I’ve given myself 3 day weekends whenever possible. When I did work outside the home, that is, I hated Sundays because I knew I’d have to get up really early the next morning to head off to the office. Mondays became my worst day of the week, seconded by Sundays. So my life-long gift to myself thereafter were…free Mondays. yipeeeeeeee!!!!! 😆


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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