English: Strath Rusdale road through Inchlumpi...

English: Strath Rusdale road through Inchlumpie Wood A long straight section that tempts acceleration – just as the roe deer decides to jump out of the bushes. Some of the forests of Strath Rusdale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A combination of factors has slowed me down long enough to hit the “pause” button. It’s unlike me to operate at half speed. But sometimes life jumps behind the wheel and decides where we’re going. It’s taken me long enough, but I’ve learned to settle into the passenger’s seat and enjoy the ride.

After dealing with chronic back pain and overall achiness, splitting headaches have finally propelled me to make an appointment with my chiropractor, tomorrow, and family physician, next week. I’ve been putting off the inevitable, trying to fix myself. Self-diagnosing can only go so far. Especially when I continue to pile on more projects instead of taking the doctor’s advice to “take it easy.” Since I’ve been the doctor, I’ve pushed the envelope…a bit.

A 28-year-old convinced me to slow down…to look at my life through her eyes. Not that we have the same wants and needs, but that we have the same desire to prioritize…before it’s too late.

Leslie Krom is dying of cancer. At most, she’s got 7 years to live. At almost 63-years-old I’m hoping I have another 25 years or so to do all I want. Her youthful desire is to get as much buzz out of what time she has left. My wish is to pay attention to what matters most now…my mental and physical health, my husband and daughter, doing what I can to bring joy and laughter to friends and strangers alike, to make meaningful memories, and to see, smell, hear, taste and touch…all of life’s details.

Popping a couple of Advils every 4 hours…doctor’s orders…has helped keep the pain at bay. While it’s not something I normally like to do, it makes a huge difference in maintaining a positive attitude…in spite of. And that is priceless in being able to realize that life is good.

Sitting  and sipping a cup of hot water while watching a little HGTV is comforting. A small moment…but oh… so savory…so delicious! I don’t want to rush through what time I’ve left. Rather than always doing…I’d like to spend time just…being.

Racking up “frequent flier miles” has never been my schtick! I’d much rather open myself up to a sensory overload of life’s minutiae…the sweet scents of alyssum, heliotrope, honeysuckle,  jasmine, lavender and peony in my garden…the birds bickering for territorial rights to the birdfeeders on the front deck…neighborhood children playing  in front of our house…our 4-legged-family comfortably napping nearby… 

life is good…when we pause…and take notice…

………hugmamma.   😉   

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6 thoughts on “savoring…just…savoring

    • I’m still savoring. The sun has finally broken through the clouds and instead of pouring rain we finally have beaming light…and warmth. It’s enough to make me want to burst into song…or at least into a post.

      hugs for bringing a little light into my otherwise cold, dreary environment…you are my sunshine… 😆


    • Gentle hugs and well wishes…are exactly what the doctor ordered…this doctor. 😆 Had an adjustment this morning, followed by a visit to a walk-in clinic for what turns out to be a sinus infection. I’ll take the med as soon as I return from a quick walk with my dog. I’ll probably put my feet up as well…maybe visit with others a smidge. 🙂


    • I’m trying real hard…with the help of Advil. Really appreciate your thoughts. Keep sending positive energy my way. You can be sure I’ll always send it right back…hugs! 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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