…a little help…from my friends…

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English: friends like you (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not having much luck getting an answer to my question from WordPress Support, so I thought I’d ask you, my friends.

As I’ve wandered around reading other blogs, I’ve noticed that some have customized their “leave a comment” text. Some are witty, others to the point. Having seen quite a few at this juncture, I’d like to say a few words…that are my own, rather than using the generic.

In perusing the “Widgets,” I’ve been unable to figure out how to alter the “leave a comment” text. And in attempting to ask WordPress Support, I can’t even type in responses to their prompts. All rather frustrating to say the least. So I thought I’d circumvent the “brick wall,” and ask some of you who have mastered the technique.

…any…and all responses…are humbly accepted…

………hugmamma.   😦  

18 thoughts on “…a little help…from my friends…

      • Not sure what you meant by ‘ “that” = what you wrote for your comment box’? Remember, I’m a slow-witted senior citizen. Help me out of my fog. I did get the “bless me hugmamma” part…and I bless you…and grant you dispensation from all your grievances. 😆


        • Ohhh…I just wasn’t sure you’d know what I was chuckling about…the process of creating that title for the comments box or the actual title of it…I was just trying to clarify….I LOVE that title… and….ahhhh…..so easy to get dispensation for my grievances… lucky me! : ) (and oh my….yesterday I learned how to make a laughing face…today I’ve forgotten…but I remember I saw it on a blog that mentioned your name too…for how to make them…do you remember. I remember colon a word colon , but not what the word is….ah the challenges of erratic memory… : ) )


    • I sure hope everyone gets that I’m being cheeky! I think God would have a good laugh. I truly believe he has a sense of humor. Stop and think of some of his creations…none of which comes to mind at the moment. But they’re out there…I’ve seen them…just can’t remember them.

      Catholics with a sense of humor would smile…or have a good belly laugh…or both. My husband, an ex-seminarian burst into laughter. Not that he’s going to confess anything he doesn’t have to… hugs for letting me know you approve… 😆


  1. Hugmamma … I have to give you a High Five. You come up with the greatest “teases” to pull people into reading more of your story … and I love your new “Comment” line. I’d been trying to think of something clever for a while … and I’m still thinking. Great job.


    • You’ve inspired a new post for me…stay tuned. I’ll credit you with being the “push” behind my “pulling”…a new idea out of my well-worn brain. 😆 I do like to tease…not the bad kind…only the self-deprecating kind. 😉


  2. ha ha…I’m back….okay, here’s what I did:
    Go to the screen that has all of the blog options etc in the left hand column …where it says appearance, users, tools, settings.
    Okay put cursor over “settings”….and then it will give you a choice of options.
    You want “discussion”…click on that.
    Now scroll way down to the bottom of that discussions section.
    Just above the button that says “save changes,” there is a title called “comment form.”
    It says “prompt.”
    There is an area where you can delete what it says now and can type in your own choice of greetings/prompt.
    After you type in what you want it to say, click on “save changes”….well, I think that’s how I did it! Give it a try and if it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll figure out some more!


  3. Ah ha….I figured out how to do that for my blog…but…I think I’ve forgotten!…OH NO!…I’ll go snoop around in my dashboard-y place and see what I can figure out…with a bit of sleuthing, I bet I’ll remember again… I’ll be back…. : )


  4. I don’t know if you can customize your “Leave a Reply” with the use of WordPress pre-formated templates. You’d probably need upgrade to a template where you can change the style sheet. In the meantime, you can add a cleaver phrase at the end of each post. You can customize the message people receive after they follow you. Go under Settings and then Reading. Hopefully that helps!


        • You inspired me to join Skirt.com. I’m still trying to figure out how to edit my site. Definitely need more time to untangle their info on how to do this, that and the other. “What a mess I’ve gotten myself into!”…as Ralph Cramden use to say on “The Honeymooners.” 😦


          • Yes, I have not written for that site in quite a while. Mostly because I just don’t have that much to say. Their publishing software is not great. One tip is to write your post in Word and then copy and paste it into your post. I have lost many a story because of their publishing tool.


            • I had a similar experience with The Blog Farm. Their format and my inability to make sense of its ins and outs had me fleeing the site. I’ll try to stick with Skirt…at least for…a moment or two. 😉


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