When I first posted this, my friend Becky recommended I reblog it on Father’s Day…last year. A little late…but I thought I’d honor her request this Father’s Day. Its message is timeless. At the time, my brother Ed was moved to leave a comment expressing his gratitude as a dad who has tried to do right by his son and daughter…even when times were tough.

God bless all fathers…who try to do the best they can. 🙂

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Never knowing my father, has surely influenced the course of my life, for better or worse. Not that I grew up dwelling on my loss, because I knew no better. Life with my mom was, what it was. However years of observing father-child relationships, including my husband’s and daughter’s, and being privy to others telling or writing, of their own experiences,  made me realize that being fatherless probably impacted my life in a major way. I’m certain I sought a replacement in every relationship thereafter, looking for the security and safe haven every father is thought to inherently possess. I’m positive I looked for him in every male I encountered. But I would have been just as happy, perhaps, if a woman filled the bill since my mom was preoccupied on so many fronts. My older siblings knew my father as children. So I can’t identify with their loss when he died, although I’m sure it was devastating. What we had in…

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