weekly photo challenge: close

This poor soul got up close and personal………….with Pompeii.                                                                                             

…guess there was no time to hop the first boat out…


25 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: close

    • According to the tour guide, the person was caught in that position by the lava flow when Pompeii erupted long, long ago. I couldn’t help taking a picture because it was such a unique, once-in-a-lifetime image for me. Maybe I gave that poor soul a place in history, rather than being relegated to ignominity. I like to think so.


    • I use to think about that a lot when I was a child growing up on Maui. Although Haleakala is a dormant volcano, I wondered what our family would do if it erupted. I figured everyone would be scrambling to board airplanes or boats. Our family was poor. How could we afford to escape?

      Now I live in the shadow of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helen’s, the latter which erupted a number of years ago spewing ash for miles and miles. I wasn’t living here then. But it makes me wary…

      And then we here in the Seattle area have to wonder about earthquakes as well.

      Best we just live…moment…to moment


    • As I was scrolling through my photos I came across this one, and the connection with “close call” popped into mind…so I ran with it. And you’re right. Can’t imagine being in his shoes. Too gruesome to consider.


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