…not for the faint of heart…

My previous post on ad trickery has given rise to this one.


NASA (Photo credit: Luke Bryant)

After navigating the inroads of the internet, more specifically WordPress, for approximately 2 years I don’t feel as knowing as one might assume. I’m always behind the proverbial 8-ball. Metaphorically speaking, I’m like the astronaut gripping onto the tail of a rocket as it blasts off into space. Following the instructions to the letter, my companions hopped aboard while I was still finding my way through the maze that is NASA.

Just when I thought I’d mastered my little corner of the WordPress universe, I find it’s been remodeled. Tweaks and twinges here and there have streamlined the process, making it more convenient, more glitzy. God bless the staff who are always looking after our best interests. It’s like big government. We cotton to whatever it is they decide…regardless of party affiliation. Conservatives and liberals alike are always pushing and pulling us where they want us to go.

As in life, blogging requires a firm forcus on what it is I’m about. Regardless of the environment in which I write, I strive to hold fast to my values, my purpose. Accumulating an empire of readers looms large. It’s like winning the Powerball Lottery. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Establishing popularity as a goal…fails in life…and in blogging…with integrity. Better to have a few true believers…than a hoard of yes-men and women. 

I’ve visited a number of blogs that are gems waiting to be discovered. My compassion is always for the underdog, so I’ve gone out of my way to help bring them along by mentioning them in posts, hoping that others will turn their attention to the less popular…but just as deserving.

Blogging is not an easy undertaking, but fun can be had by all if we remember that it is fun. And that everyone has something worthwhile to contribute. So jump on in…

Jumping in the pool

Jumping in the pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…to the shallow end…or the deep end…the water’s fine!

………hugmamma.     🙂


12 thoughts on “…not for the faint of heart…

    • So, so sorry. I’m sure my aches and pains are nowhere as debilitating as yours. But I can certainly identify with your dilemma. I’ve jokingly told my doctor I need a bodyshop where I can get new parts. Thankfully he’s always laughed.

      …but wouldn’t that be nice…a total overhaul…


  1. Hug, you are sooooo right! Blogging, like writing, has to be entertaining to your own soul first. There are tons of people (most of them writers) who would love to be the next JK. But the world cannot handle that many superwriters. So best to entertain yourself and a handful of people and hone your writing and thinking and spiritual needs with ditties straight from the heart.


    • You’re so right! I have to like what I’m writing so that it flows naturally. I hope others will enjoy my stories, but that’s secondary. I think a writer fails when she panders to the public.

      hugs for your thoughtful comment.


    • I know that WordPress is involved in some blogs hitting the jackpot of readership, when they are singled out in Freshly Pressed. So I don’t fault them for their overnight success. That would be nice for all of us to experience…once.

      Like you, however, I tend to stop and visit a while with blogs of substance where I can really interact with the writer, through out comments, back and forth.

      I figure the extremely popular blogs are doing just fine without my input. I like to support writers who might otherwise stop blogging if they’re seldom read.

      hugs for your comment…and i think your writing is fabulous.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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