trick ads…

Earlier I posted that I’d been invited to participate in WordAds, paid advertising sponsored by WordPress. I declined because of security concerns, moved on and eventually forgot about it. A visit to another blog seconds ago jarred me back into that old conversation.

Without intending to click on a “paid advertisement,” i.e. a commercial…who chooses to watch them, anyway?…I discovered I wasn’t viewing what I thought was part of the blogger’s post. I had just clicked $$$ into the owner’s pocket.

Advertising advertising

Advertising advertising (Photo credit: Toban Black)

While I’m not adverse to capitalism, I’m not particularly fond of deception. After I’d done the dastardly deed, or while I was scrutinizing the youtube video as to its relevance to the post, I noticed in small print “advertising” floating just above and to the left of the commercial.

Feeling bamboozled, I discontinued watching the ad. So I’ve no idea what it was selling. Instead I perused the site. With 4,000,000 page views and thousands of followers the blogger is building quite a nest egg.

The writing is good, as are the photos. I’ve no complaint there. I’m just a little skeptical when it comes to visits to “like” other blogger’s posts, because etiquette calls for return visits and “likes.” A silent handshake, if you will.

There’s a hope that behind it all is a genuine expression of favorability. I don’t like to participate in popularity contests, especially when there’s a payoff involved.

Ads on blogs is fine, when they’re above board. When they sneak up on the reader, I’m not a fan. After unknowingly clicking on the ad, I felt like a “deer in headlights.” I think I’ll be more careful…where I wander…so as not to have another…

Deer in Headlights




4 thoughts on “trick ads…

  1. Hmm, I don’t like the sound of that. Maybe reading posts via the dashboard is going to be the way to go. At least you can ‘like’ them without leaving – comments are possible too. Thanks for pointing this out. I haven’t seen one yet as far as I know.


    • As I said, I’m not against folks with paid ads. I’m just uneasy about them seeming to flow right into the post so that I’m not aware that I’m about to see a commercial. I’ll definitely be on the lookout now.


  2. I had heard that wordpress was doing earn-with-ads now, haven’t seen any blogs involved with it yet though (at least I haven’t noticed) but one would think that the ads would actually look like ads! That does sound more than a little bit sneaky.


    • I’ve seen 2. The first was a little more obvious. I thought it was tasteful, not “in your face.” This that I refer to however, was a tad too understated as to be sneaky, as you say. Left a not-so-nice flavor in my mouth.


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