i was a ford mustang…now i’m a volkswagon beetle

God bless my brother Ben who must sit at his keyboard forwarding every email forwarded to him from everyone he knows…and doesn’t know.

I must confess to not reading the political ones…we might as well be on different planets where politics is concerned. I’m so-so about the doom and gloom ones. Sometimes I read them…sometimes not. The ones that are meant to tickle my funny bone…I’ll have a peek at those. Once-in-awhile I might even share one.

Here’s that one…

If my body was a car this is the time I would be thinking about trading
it in for a newer model.

I’ve got bumps and dents and scratches in my
finish and my paint job is getting a little dull, but that’s not the
worst of it. 

My headlights are out of focus and it’s especially hard to
see things up close. 

My traction is not as graceful as it once was. I
slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of

My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins

It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed. 

My fuel rate burns inefficiently.

But here’s the worst of it –> >Almost every time I sneeze, cough or
sputter…. either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!!!!!!!!! 


Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my youth I was breezy, carefree, silly, romantic, kinda sexy, dance-y, chatty…

 😆     😆     😆




English: Volkswagon Beetle in London Road

English: Volkswagon Beetle in London Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nowadays…I’m sneezy, stressed, glum, menopausal…cuddly, still moving, still gabby!!!

………hugmamma.      😦     🙂     😆


27 thoughts on “i was a ford mustang…now i’m a volkswagon beetle

  1. Good Morning Hugmamma! I loved this post because it is funny and I am a car person! I have been browsing around catching up. I went on a little blog break and Ima try to catch up. For a day and a half I half been doing a crazy dance with the Happiness Engineers at WordPress. They were very nice and cheery but I was a tiny bit frustrated and starting to get cranky so it was nice to come here and browse when I couldn’t sleep. I felt very old yesterday. We will see how I feel today. I knew I was old when I looked down at my arms one day this Spring and saw they looked like my Mother’s when I thought she was old… 😆


    • Now I understand why old folks are cranky…I’m one of them. Thank goodness for the dawning of new days, we can hit the reset button and try, try again. That’s life…recycling our efforts.

      I’ve had my issues with WordPress, so I can totally appreciate your frustration. You’re not alone…I hope that helps assuage your momentary crankiness and feeling elderly.

      Funny that you should mention looking like your mom in old age. I have those deja vu moments when I glimpse myself in the mirror without makeup. The words “my mom” crosses my mind. Whooo…whooo…whooo…whooo… But that’s where I end the comparison.

      My mom was not a happy person most of her life, for understandable reasons. I refuse, absolutely refuse to be unhappy!!!

      …i love life…and positive people like you…hugs galore!!! 🙂


  2. Ha…my grandma always said, “getting old isn’t for sissies.” I have a friend who forwards me every email as well, but I didn’t get this one. Thanks for sharing.


    • I feel like a grandma, although that won’t actually happen for some time to come…no permanent guy in the picture as yet…not that we’re rushing things.

      Your grandma was right. Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart…or any other body part! These days everything I do is an attempt to keep everything working. Blogging about it…is what keeps me young.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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