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 In 2009 I began blogging in response to pundits who said they were speaking for the American people. Almost daily I was scrunching my nose, rolling my eyes and talking back to the TV. Exasperated, I often fumed…”are they talking about me?” No one called to ask, not that I’d answer the phone. But still…who told them what I was thinking?

Well here we are again in the midst of another Presidential campaign. How time flies…when you’re having fun. Hmmm…

What are MY thoughts?

President of the United States Barrack Obama

President of the United States Barrack Obama (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)

It seems to me that a black man with a Muslim name wasn’t ever going to occupy the Presidency…without forever having to prove he belonged. As far as white men, and those who think like white men, are concerned Barack Obama is the outsider with his nose pressed up against the glass…still trying to play with the big boys. In this case…the “good ole boys.” If he were a “front man,” things might be different.

That Obama has a mind of his own is a double-edged sword. He’s doing things the way he knows how, which doesn’t always  win him friends. As we well know. He’s a thinker… prone to weighing all options before acting. He’s a professor…encouraging discussion and compromise. He’s a constitutional lawyer…knowing how far he can push the envelope. And he’s a public servant…driven by his compassion for the underdog.

I imagine Obama as a man with a family who goes to work every day, like any typical American providing for his loved ones.

As President, Obama’s days are long. He’s juggling a war, a recovering economy, high unemployment, a combative Congress, terrorists, Mid-East turmoil, nuclear threats, natural disasters, Europe’s financial upheaval…and criticism…nonstop criticism. Including those who deny his U.S. citizenry.

The man has stamina. He’s ready, willing, and able…to go another 4 rounds. Obama’s a glutton for punishment…or the eternal optimist…or both.

Decades ago, when I was in college, I read a novel which told of international bankers who controlled governments, manipulating them for their own selfish purposes. During a class discussion there was talk that bankers were, in fact, in control of global finances. I’d never heard of such a thing. It seemed so hush-hush.

Here we are today with Super Packs buying the White House. And no one’s sweeping it under the carpet. It’s front and center in the media, 24/7. No secrets here, except as it pertains to who the money men are. They could even be foreigners with a vested interest in America’s activities at home and abroad.

So the vote for President of the United States is between an unlikely incumbent, and the “old boys” choice who might be obligated to one or more foreigners with their own agenda.

A U.S. citizen who happens to be black, with a name that some ascribe to our enemy…or the man with all the right credentials which might not be the case with some of his backers.

These are my thoughts based upon gut instinct. I don’t presume to know…what every other American thinks. We’re all entitled to our own opinions…

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States by Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr. in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009. More than 5,000 men and women in uniform are providing military ceremonial support to the presidential inauguration, a tradition dating back to George Washington’s 1789 inauguration. VIRIN: 090120-F-3961R-919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…we’re all equal…in God’s eyes…



10 thoughts on “one american’s thoughts…

  1. By the way, our Founding Fathers didn’t just do what they thought was “right”. They laid their lives and fortunes on the line to creat a country that became the beacon of freedom and liberty. A country where millions will even strive illegally to enter. A country that has freed more oppressed people around the world than any other country in history. The key word is freedom. Not security. Even people in Hitler’s Germany had “security” as long as they kept their mouths shut. I have a feeling that Obama and his people don’t quite see it that way. They believe in “ruling”, not “leading”. . . . . .just the thoughts of an old kanaka


    • The Founding Fathers have a great fan in you, Ben. You’re always expounding their virtues, never their faults. I’m sure even they would admit to having a few.

      I’ve been reading a very fascinating biography about John Wayne. A great man…with a narrow vision of patriotism. But still an admirable man with his heart in the right place. I’m sure you’re very much like him.

      I don’t see Obama as another Hitler. Obama’s not rounding up and killing off his detractors. Quite the contrary, Obama’s Presidency has grown the opposition’s voice tenfold. And yet his efforts to remain in office are within the framework of a presidential campaign. No more. No less.

      I think Obama sees Romney as a formidable challenger, as do I. Unlike Hitler, Obama wouldn’t have his opponent assassinated. Apart from politics, I think the 2 men probably admire one another.

      …old is…as old does…


  2. As far as Obama “breaking” new grounds. Actually, if we restudy history, what Obama is doing is really exploring “old” grounds. You know. . . . the ones that were first proposed and instituted by “great” thinkers like Marx, Engels, Mao, Hitler, etc. The ones that were “rulers” instead of “leaders”. Unfortunately, we have a President who portrays himself as a “Great Hero of the People” but, whose only claim to fame (that is verifiable) is that of a “community organizer”. BTW, I understand that Obama is planning to build his presidential library in Chicago. Why not Hawaii? Wouldn’t that be a PR coup for Gov. Abercrombie? . . . . just an old kanaka doing some thinking . . . . .aloha


    • Your revile of Obama is obvious. I can’t say I understand why. Maybe too much thinking. Might I suggest some fresh air…some gardening…walks around the block…board games with the family? Always works for me when I begin to fester…and stagnate. 😉


  3. God is indeed a beneficient Father. However, a beneficient father is also one that will never ask you to worship Him but to use the talents He blessed you with.
    And . . . . that crack about “old age” is in fact a compliment. Us old people don’t constantly try to re-invent the wheel like you young pups. We tend to rely with the try and proven. Like our Constitution. If you want to see our future . . . .watch what is happening in Europe. I sense that the Germans may be marching again. . . . aloha


    • We’ve advanced far beyond the wheel, Ben. And unfortunately, at 63 I’m no longer a young ‘un. As for God, I don’t profess to think or speak for Him.

      …life’s getting shorter…be happy…while there’s still time… 🙂


  4. Further, I find it very unfortunate that the first non-white president of this country (a truly historical event) may also turn out to be the most incompetant president we ever had, Not to mention ineligible.

    You know . . . . . those “old white” guys who gave us our Constitution were pretty sharp guys. For being “old white guys”. BTW . . . to me, they are our real heros . . . .Aloha


    • President Obama will never get your approval, let alone your vote. I don’t think he’d hate you for that. He’ll focus his efforts where they might make a difference…citizens like me.

      I think the men who wrote and signed the Constitution were, at their core, forward-looking citizens. But considering they were dealing with the life and times of their period, they could only imagine so much. They would be totally out of their element in our technologically-driven world. So while their values remain intact, effecting them has evolved with the times.

      There are present day heroes that we mustn’t dismiss. Obama being one of them for breaking new ground as concerns the less fortunate in American society. He’s not perfect, but neither were the Founding Fathers. They’re all men just trying to do what they feel is right.

      …we’re all entitled to our own thoughts…


  5. I wish we were all equal in God’s eyes. However, I do believe God created each of us differently to serve a different purpose that He has in mind for each of us. For instance, I can’t write as well as you can but, I’m a pretty good artist. So, maybe that is how I can honor and glorifiy our Heavenly Father. If we were all created equal, how would that benefit our Creator? Therefor, instead of trying to equalize everyone down to the lowest common denominator, I think we should praise God for all our differences. Afterall, isn’t it this country’s diversity that makes us so unique? As compared to, say, North Korea?

    Just the thoughts of an old Hawaiian kanaka . . . .aloha


    • We’re equal…with unique talents and abilities. Thank goodness for the differences. It’d be a pretty boring planet if I walked around looking myself in the face.

      I don’t think I’m equalizing mankind “down to the lowest common denominator.” I view us as rising to Christ’s image…love, compassion, and hope for all.

      I see God as a beneficent Father, not one before whom I must lay prostrate. Perhaps my image of the Creator is one I would’ve liked in a father, had I had the benefit of one growing up.

      …don’t let old age tie you to the past…there’s beauty in the present…and the future…hugs


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