wake up!…the clock’s ticking…

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus (Photo credit: anaxolotl)

That’s the news I received from my family doctor. I’m pre-diabetic.

According to the news, I’ve something in common with millions of Americans. Small comfort since statistics don’t help in battling the disease. We’ve each got to help ourselves regain and maintain good health. It’s not impossible…just lots of hard work. And the older I get, I’ve less energy and will power for using more elbow grease. Especially when my elbow’s arthritic.

Learning that I’m pre-diabetic wasn’t a surprise. My mom had it, a brother has it, and I’m sure most of my other siblings do as well. It’s in our genes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. We have a say in the path our health takes. And it always comes back to…exercise and diet.

Rather than assign me to some implausible regimen, my doctor agrees that my best resolve is to ramp up my exercise and stay clear of anything white…foods, that is. No white breads. No white rice.

I’ve done it before; I can do it again. The difference being…time’s running out on my ability to hit the reset button. Older age has a way of dealing with procrastination…it doesn’t. At a certain point the door closes on our options.

Only one option remains for me now…a lifestyle change with no going back. I’ve gotta do…what I’ve gotta do…

Ulcus bei Diabetes mellitus

Ulcus bei Diabetes mellitus (Photo credit: rosmary)

…the alternative…is not an option…

………hugmamma.     😦

6 thoughts on “wake up!…the clock’s ticking…

  1. I’ve been pre-diabetic for the last several years. I haven’t been able to get it down and am now on Metformin. I started drinking smoothies a month ago and that has helped a lot to curb my appetite and cravings. I think my numbers will be much better the next time I go in.

    It’s disappointing because I’ve been so careful about diet and exercise. On the other hand, both my grandmother and father were pre-diabetic by their mid-forties and full diabetic by the age I am now. So I did beat the family odds by over a decade.

    It still pisses me off though. It pissed me even more when my doctor said “just follow Weight Watchers”. I was and have been for quite a while. If it was that easy, I’d have lot weight by now.



    • I’ve been on Weight Watcher’s too, Nancy. A few times in fact. I always gained a few extra pounds after I fell off the wagon. So I’m leary about diet programs.

      Abstaining from white carbs and processed foods should be my lifestyle change going forward. That and exercising up the wazoo! I’m counting on those 2 modifications to help in the battle against my predisposition for diabetes and heart disease because of heredity.

      My motivation? I’m tired of being sick, my husband’s health depends upon me because he’ll do and eat whatever I proffer, and because I’d like to be around to see my daughter advance into middle-age…and beyond.

      I hold the answer to my longevity in my own two hands. No one can do it for me…but me. Like you, I’m pissed off. PO’d at myself for not getting a handle on my health until someone starts the second hand…on the stop-watch. 😦

      Keep up with your smoothies, Nancy. I’m rooting for you…hugs! 🙂


  2. Hugmamma, this is something you can keep in check. I’m either prediabetic, or near there. My hubby and I walk more. I try to follow a Mediterranean diet which is healtier. As I love pasta, I get Dreamfields Spaghetti. It has 65 percent lower glycemic index and is an excellent source of fiber. See if that’s something that’d work for you.
    Best of luck in following a healthier lifestyle and diet plan.


    • You’re like my own “Clarence”…of It’s a Wonderful Life fame. I will follow your lead, in addition to what I’ve done, off and on, for years. It’s sticking to a healthy lifestyle without “falling off the wagon” that has escaped me thus far. But I keep trying…don’t care for the alternative…in the near…and far future.

      hugs for your thoughts and encouragement. 🙂


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