out with the old, used…

…and I don’t mean me…or hubby, for that matter. Nope I’m referring to stuff. Lots and lots of stuff…tchotchkas, clothes, linens, baseball caps, framed pictures, curtain rods, picture frames, tossed pillows. Oy vay! So much history…of the junk kind.

So what am I doing on Independence day? Not celebrating my freedom, that’s for sure. More like trying to extricate myself from the things that bind. 

I’m prepping for a neighborhood, multi-family yard sale this weekend. You can believe I’m pricing everything to sell. For each item I relinquish, I regain a fraction of my freedom. Freedom from material things that have laid claim to me, mentally and physically.

Aging opens one’s eyes to the fact that…you really can’t take it with you. If you know what I mean.

So onwards and upwards. I’m throwing off the shackles that bind me to this earth…so I can enjoy what time I’ve left…before I fly heavenwards to meet my Maker. That’s my expectation…

…i sure hope it’s His…as well…  😦 

………hugmamma.    😆

p.s. hopefully you’re doing something more exciting…happy freedom day…celebrate your independence!!!

4 thoughts on “out with the old, used…

  1. Selling and getting rid of the majority of my stuff has created so much freedom in my life and it makes me excited to know you are doing the same thing. Make sure that after the yard sale the things that did not sell go directly to goodwill so that way they don’t sneak their way back into the house and hide somewhere for the next 10 years 🙂


  2. oh yes, so much stuff….slowly slowly, I’m going through it all and letting it go….what was I thinking when I bought all that stuff?????….independence day…freedom from “stuff!”….sounds good to me!!!


    • We could’ve been millionaires…you think? More money…to buy…more stuff. If I had it to do over again, I’d use my money more wisely…a retirement nest egg…one for our daughter…charitable donations that make a real difference. Ah, well…we do what we can…with what we have.

      …i’m fine with that… 🙂


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