not all disney…

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman lingers front and center in our collective psyche because he claims to have killed a young man in self defense. What doesn’t sit well is that he pursued the victim under the guise of vigilante justice, even after a call to 911 advised Zimmerman to end his pursuit. So why didn’t he obey authorities?

Tomas Lopez, a lifeguard, was called into action by a witness to a man who was drowning. Without thought for where the incident was taking place, Lopez bolted to the scene and rescued the man, providing aid until the paramedics arrived. Upon returning to his station, Lopez correctly assumed that he had probably jeopardized his job by responding to gut instinct.

Lifeguard jumping into action in Ocean City, M...

Lifeguard jumping into action in Ocean City, Maryland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lopez was fired because employer rules prohibited him from saving lives outside the area for which he was responsible. Fellow lifeguards also quit, under protest. Media attention has pressured his employer to offer Lopez his job back. It’s a no-brainer that he refused. What would he do if such an incident occurred again. Lopez would undoubtedly do the job any lifeguard is prepared to do…save lives. 

Stereotypes exist of faraway places, both here and abroad. What tourists must remember is that everyday life continues behind the fantastic facades. And all that appears golden, may only be brass.

State seal of Florida

State seal of Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…perfection on earth…doesn’t exist…


6 thoughts on “not all disney…

  1. The Stand Your Ground defense used by George Zimmerman is a huge issue in Florida. It’s not an isolated case. After Florida expanded this law from defending yourself in your “castle” (home) to the street, 20 other states followed suit. Hugmamma, it makes me feel unsafe when I am on the streets.

    The firing of the lifeguard who saved a man’s life is just incomprehensible. Why the lifeguard’s employer did not recognize that that was: (1) stupid to fire someone for doing the job they’re hired for, and (2) bad public relations for the company – is beyond me.


    • One has to wonder whatever happened to…common sense?!

      In one instance, authorities were correct to instruct Zimmerman to cease and desist. In the other, authorities expect lifeguards not to save lives.

      Stupid Zimmerman. Stupid lifeguard employer. According to them…life is cheap.


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