fire extinguisher 101

1905 advertisement illustration showing woman ...

1905 advertisement illustration showing woman using fire extinguisher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quick lesson on the use of a home fire extinguisher gratis World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

According to the report, many homeowners have fire extinguishers. I’m one of those. Unfortunately, not many know how to use them. I’m one of those too.

The good news, if there is any when you’re in the midst of a home fire, is the following. Useful instructions provided by a fireman interviewed for the ABC nightly segment.

Remember to………P.A.S.S.

  • PULL the clip.
  • AIM the fire extinguisher.
  • SPRAY the chemical ingredients.
  • SIDE to SIDE sweeping movement.

 The report went on to say that using a fire extinguisher is fine if the fire is still in its infancy. However, if it is full blown…GET OUT…FAST!!!

If you’re like me, you’ll print a copy of this and post it near the stove…and anywherelse you think a fire might start.

…my memory’s…not what it use to be…

………hugmamma.   😆

10 thoughts on “fire extinguisher 101

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  3. Had one fire in an apartment I had. Fortunately I wasn’t home at the time. The lesson I learned was to have homeowners’ tenants’ insurance – which I hadn’t had prior to the fire – to protect what little I did own.
    Thanks for your tips. The PASS method should make it easy to remember. But thinking fast in an emergency is the real trick.


    • I’ve been in a couple of small fires…my doing. Thankfully I did something…not necessarily the right things. But I’m still alive to tell about it. Thank the good Lord! 😦


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