classy…whatever the label

I happened upon The Ellen Show as I surfed the channels for a backdrop to my housekeeping chores. Always conservatively dressed with a touch of whimsy, like bright blue socks peeking from beneath soft, grey, silky-looking slacks, Ellen de Generes spoke at length of favorite pieces of clothing that went missing one day.

As is commonplace in marriages, Portia offered up the fact that perhaps Ellen had forgotten her jacket and wool cap at one of the stops they’d made throughout the day. Adamant that she’d hung the jacket on its hanger, favorite cap nestled in its pocket, Ellen had to “eat crow” after she realized she had indeed forgotten her misplaced items in a rug store.

On live TV, Ellen apologized to Portia, admitting that she was right and Ellen was wrrr…wrrr…wrrr…Ready to dance!!!

Unlike her famous guest, Robin Williams, who shortly after being introduced, launched into a tirade of pornographic jokes, Ellen’s comedy is of a more wholesome variety.

As with other prejudices, homophobics usually rely on general stereotypes, instead of getting to know gays and lesbians like any other group of people…that is…one person at a time.

I don’t know Ellen personally, but she strikes me as compassionate, empathetic and hopeful.

…a very, nice lady…no other labels needed…

………hugmamma.  😉

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2 thoughts on “classy…whatever the label

    • Ellen’s youth and vibrancy appeal, as does her devilish sense of fun. 🙂

      Williams, on the other hand, strikes me as a once young wit who is now an old codger attempting to recapture what’s past. 😦


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