guilty…as charged

We all tend to put our best foot forward…especially when describing ourselves to those who aren’t privvy to what goes on behind closed doors.

My fellow bloggers will concur, I’m sure, that somewhere along the line we throw caution to the wind and unveil our foibles to the masses. Whether to garner a chuckle, align ourselves with the majority, or demonstrate to others that, in fact, we aren’t as perfect as we wish we were, or others think we are.

Regular readers of hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul know that I’m not without my devilish moments. Take for instance my irreverent invitation to leave a comment.

Laughter is life’s best medicine. Poking fun at oneself keeps us in check. In the grand scheme of things, God’s or Mother Nature’s, we humans are but one species striving to survive. We have a hand in our own self-destruction, but we don’t control the what, when, why or how.

So let loose…once-in-awhile. Admit to the unthinkable, within reason of course. Remember, a balanced life is a much happier, more satisfying environment than tipping the scales too far in either direction.

My latest sin, for which I’m now paying dearly? Downing an entire box of See’s candies in the space of 1 week. Swearing never to repeat such a transgression, then doing it again when my biological clock struck 63!Nuts and Chews

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And what reward have I reaped as a result of what I’ve sown? Heightened inflammation run amok!!! My arthritic joints remind me of the dietetic sin I have committed. Sugar equals pain…pain…and more pain.

So until I see the orthopedic specialist to determine whether or not the pain in my wrist is temporary or permanent, I will refrain from popping sugary delicacies as though they were placebos.

Just because life ends with the Grim Reaper ferrying us to the other side, doesn’t mean we have to take the “express.”

…sugar…in any form…hastens the end…

………hugmamma.  😦

4 thoughts on “guilty…as charged

  1. I had started wondering if you were taking a break again. Glad to see your stuff coming through, although I think the reduced frequency is good. I think you’ll be less frustrated if you don’t feel like you’re giving up so much of your life to do this.



    • I seem to be on a cycle of a couple of months on…a couple of months off. Not by design. It’s just working out that way. Maybe it has to do with aging. I can never tell when aches and pains will surface…or events that require immediate attention.

      …life…just go with the flow… 😆


    • I aim to amuse…when appropriate. When inappropriate…it’s with tongue-in-cheek humor. I hope others get that. If not…oh, well.

      Upon our recent visit to Hawaii for my mother-in-law’s funeral, I fell of the food band wagon, eating all manner of yummy local delicacies which were calling to me.

      My sanity’s returned…now that I’m back to my own kitchen.

      …boring…but lots healthier… 😦


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