not for everyone…

Hugmamma’s Mind, Body, and Soul is where I share opinions, thoughts, feelings, helpful hints, recipes, life experiences…all meant to uplift, to give hope, to empathize, and above all, to entertain.

 Mine is not a political blog. Although I am oft-times moved by current affairs to write what I feel about something of particular concern to me. I don’t propose that others should subscribe to my way of thinking. We are, after all, a society of free thinkers with free will, are we not?

I respect that others can voice their own opinions. And I invite them to establish their own means of doing so.

 Hugmamma’s Mind, Body, and Soul is not the appropriate platform for others’ rants and raves, political or otherwise. So this is to advise that any such comments will not be read or published.

I appreciate your readership, but do not welcome conversations of a harsh nature. I will not engage in them for they only serve to stress and demoralize.

Argument for the sake of argument is definitely not my “cup of tea.” Life is too short…and too full of hope to dwell on negativity.

The internet overflows with sites that thrive upon doing verbal battle, until someone cries “uncle.” I heartily encourage those desirous of locking horns to search out others of the same ilk.

…in fact…i insist…


8 thoughts on “not for everyone…

  1. Mom just told me tonight that you had a blog, so I “googled” you… peek a boo, I found you and have been enjoying the reads all evening! I LOVE THIS ONE…


    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Jake. I’m flattered that you like what you read. Bridging the generation gap is always a bonus. I hope you continue to visit and comment if you’re so inclined.

      lots of hugs… 🙂


    • Actually one particular reader has ranted on a number of occasions in the past, including a couple times more recently. Unfortunately, I’ve had to delete them and will do so going forward. 😦


    • My sentiments exactly!

      I would add that readers should respect the writer’s right to be heard, without fear of retaliation…in words…or action.

      Expressing and discussing opinions has taken on a belligerence that erodes civility. Adults need not look far for someone to blame for the bullying that is reported in the news among the youth in our country.


    • Hugs for your support, Kate. Wish I didn’t have to remind readers to respect my blog. A couple of rants have been as long as my post. It’s like having my blog hijacked by a bully.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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