a “mouse” and an “old dog”…no match

I just had a good laugh. No, a great laugh! At my own expense.


Logitech-mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some time ago my hubby bought me a “mouse.” No, not the one from which I run screaming bloody murder. Rather the nice, cute one that sits alongside my laptop and which I use to navigate the internet. My little, red buddy. Brand name…”Logitech.”

Trying to load pictures I’d taken from my Canon Power Shot SD780IS Digital Elph, also fire-engine red, I wasn’t having much luck. As is usually the case, after several tries I called for the cavalry in the form of, you guessed it, my husband.

The saint that he is, hubby tried again and again to download the photos. Meanwhile, I did what I do in such circumstances. I puttered around the house doing this, that, and the other. I read some. I watched a little TV, my head nodding now and again.

After what felt like hours, my husband suggested that I might need to delete some photos from my camera. As soon as he said that, I remembered I’d had the same problem before. And he was right! After I’d deleted umpteen photos, the download mechanism worked.

So delete pictures I did. I deleted…and deleted…and deleted. I finally stopped at a photograph of my grandkitty taken in the fall of…2011. “OMG!” I thought. I knew there was at least another year’s worth of pictures left to delete.

Why didn’t I delete the pictures from my camera after downloading them onto my laptop? Well, it never occurred to me. The simplest answer is that I keep things…unless I’m forced to get rid of them.

After viewing some information on my Canonmy husband explained that I had another 2,000+ pictures to delete. Oye vay!

To tell you the truth, I can’t even understand all the lingo my camera communicates. I scroll through the information time and again. And yet it still remains total gobbledygook! Completely incomprehensible to me. I need my two interpreters to help me out…my husband and my daughter. One day soon…I’ll read the manual that came with the confounded gadget.

The piece-de-resistance came while I once again attempted to download the photos to my laptop.

It’s necessary to plug the required wire into both the camera and the computer. Thinking the two empty holes in the side of the laptop weren’t working, I decided to try the third one in which some little thing was already plugged. So I removed the thingamabob and inserted the wire. No luck. Downloading the photos still didn’t happen.

“The heck with this!” I thought. I’ll just start a new post instead of continuing the one for which I was trying to insert a slideshow of pictures I’d recently taken.

Lo and behold…my mouse, my little buddy…stopped working. “Gunfunnit…what now?!?” I exclaimed. Of course my husband came running. I showed him my dead mouse explaining that I probably needed a new battery.

Puzzled but not defeated, my husband looked at the mouse…and with a twinkle in his eye asked “Where’s the thing that was in this hole on the side of the laptop? That’s why the mouse isn’t working.”

Jumping up and embracing him in a bear hug, I laughed with my husband until we nearly toppled over.

I am one dumb-bunny when it comes to technology, gadgetry, and gizmos! It’s true what they say…

…you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…i’m living proof!!!…

…or a cat!…


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