weekly photo challenge: near and far

 Hawaii…………..Far away………….…but near…and dear…to my heart!!!

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16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: near and far

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    • I could use a hug about now. Just got over a very, very bad cold. Lots of coughing and congestion. Been trying to catch up recently…housework…yard work. Tweaked my back as a result. Getting old…hugs are good. Keep on sending them over… 😆


        • You’re a lovey! Here we are, chatting in the middle of the night…for me, anyway. Couldn’t sleep. Had to take a couple of Advil for my back. Decided to reply to some comments and check emails. Bet you’re off to work. It’s Friday! Hope your weekend is fun…and carefree.

          …hugs for a splendiferous day!!! 😆


          • It’s even worse than that, I am AT work, but taking a little break. Have to help a friend in need, right? 😉 I hope you feel better soon. Will go home in 1.5 hours: weekend. It’s now 2.30 pm here in the Netherlands.
            Have a pain free and pleasant weekend.


            • OMG! Your Friday is nearly done, and mine has not yet begun. I’m going to go lay my head back down for a few more winks before I get started. I’ll dream of the Netherlands. Is it sunny and warm today? How hot can it get? When does the chilly weather start? I’ll be…

              …thinking about you…my dutch friend… 😉


                • Same here…autumn is fast approaching. I so wanted to get the yard and gardens all tidied up before the rains returned…and the cold keeps me…nice and cozy indoors. Charming? Nice way to look at it. 🙂


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