weekly photo challenge: solitary

The Hawaii envisioned by most who dream of one day visiting the islands is most often one of basking …on sandy, white beaches…under sunny, blue skies…in warm, ocean waters.

What is rarely ever experienced is the barren, solitary flip-side of islands that have evolved over time…from molten lava…to hard rock. Beauty resides here as well, though not of the typical kind.

No fragrant plumerias…or showy hibiscus…or striking bird-of-paradise.

Rather…broken asphalt…barren trees…craggy rocks…lichen…edible cacti…native flora…the lone bird…distant vistas…and the solitary…Makapuu Lighthouse… the piece-de-resistance.

…beauty is in the eye of the beholder…it comes…in all forms.  


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5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: solitary

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    • As my sister-in-law, daughter and I were hiking, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the rugged landscape. The ascent was steep, and raindrops were pelting down on us, but I continued to photograph the surrounding rockery and vegetation. This I’m certain is what the land looks like after lava has settled and hardened. The Makapuu Lighthouse with the blue ocean as its backdrop are worth the climb to the top.


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