How fortunate the world is…to have Angela Brent-Harris…a truly, good person.



  • I have been in the Hotel business right out of college. I loved it…..I craved it. I was also very passionate about teaching, but I wasn’t ready to venture there.
  • When I became a mom with my first child, I truly discovered the emotional feeling of what real love is. The true meaning of the word love that passes through every fiber of your being is when you gaze into the eyes of your baby the second your baby enters the world, and you are overcome with a feeling of warmth and incredible emotions. It’s surreal! I am LOVE! To be able to love and give love, I feel that a person has to be love.
  • Anyway, I was working as a manager for years with the Marriott Hotel and decided that I had to go with this feeling in me to become a teacher. I went back to college…

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