nostalgia…somewhere over the rainbow

Visited blogger rfljenksy–Practicing Simplicity at , who had “liked” one of my posts. Was pleasantly surprised to see the following YouTube video which reminded me of my beloved Hawaiian islands.

Local boy and singer/musician IZZE brought his own style to the iconic song Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” 

There’s no mistaking the two. Both beautiful in their own right. However where the original is hopeful and inspirational…the island rendition is…achingly haunting.

Having recently visited my island home and extended family…I returned once more…to where memories are made that always warm my heart.

IZZE has since passed…but he lives on…somewhere over the rainbow…


12 thoughts on “nostalgia…somewhere over the rainbow

    • Is this the first time you’ve heard Izze’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow?” If so, I’m glad I introduced you to it; if it isn’t, I’m equally glad I reminded you of it. Hugs for your kind comment. You too are filled with the…Aloha Spirit. 🙂


    • Yes. I’m lucky to have grown up in the Hawaii of old, before it was overtaken by commercialism. Nonetheless, it still retains its beauty and Aloha Spirit. And the love of family…is priceless. 🙂


  1. I love, love, love this story. Braddah IZ’s music and memory still lives on today as does the memory of our mom (and yours too!). Our Hawaiian Island home and family would be a lot more fun and complete if the three of you came home more often! Aloha to all of you!


    • Always wonderful to hear from you, Cindy! Glad I struck a chord with this story. Who knows? Maybe someday your brother and I might think of making Hawaii home again. Never say never. And your niece is all for it since she feels Hawaii is her home, no matter where else she’s lived. You all mean the world to us. We love…and miss you. Aloha! 🙂


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