weekly photo challenge: silhouette

Not an easy challenge.

I could only picture the obvious one…the framed image of a man or woman’s side profile…black against white. I think it was typical of the Victorian Age. Although it was  brought forward into more contemporary times.

Only after viewing a blogger friend’s entry, did I have an “aha” moment. And that’s when I remembered the following.

 …a part of me…is still…there…

………hugmamma.   🙂

8 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: silhouette

    • Oh, thanks! I love fiddling around with it, inserting something from my inventory of photos.

      This particular heading was a photo I took in the lobby of an old Venetian palace which had been transformed into a hotel. We were guests here, and loved the ancient atmosphere which enveloped us.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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