Breathtaking photos. Reminds me that I am an amateur picture-taker, by comparison. ………hugmamma.


Last weekend my godson came to visit me with his mom. I’m always happy to hang out with him, because he’s a) an incredibly sharp and funny three-year-old, and b) I get to do stuff I would normally feel ridiculous doing by myself (like getting crazy at the playground or messing around in the fallen leafs).  So this time we went to the zoo. It was a sunny, golden October day and the animals were out and about enjoying the warm temperatures.

Okay, this one doesn’t exactly belong to the exibition.

This hippo really enjoyed the attention of an old lady who “petted” it through the glass wall.

Crocodiles cuddled together for an afternoon nap.


Muntjak is what they are called in German. Really don’t know the English name. They have the smallest feet ever!















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