spooky?…or not?

Your call.

For me, it’s a mixture of both.

With heart beating a little faster…eyes peeled for anything unusual…I love to wander through cemeteries, especially old ones.

These photos were taken in Kinnish, Ireland. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck as I wandered the grounds. 

I tread lightly in and around these head stones…there are humble souls dwelling beneath who deserve respect…even in the after-life.

Even the church gave me goosebumps as I toured its ancient interior.

…a heavenly treasure…with souls…heaven-bound.


(My inspiration for this post…  http://everywhereonce.com/2012/10/31/photo-of-the-day-new-orleans-cemetery/ )

18 thoughts on “spooky?…or not?

  1. I love visiting old places like this too. We were in Ireland several years ago. I think we feel the remnants of the lives that were here laughing, crying, working, resting, and living. I think that’s where the goosebumps come from.

    I love your header, by the way.


    • That’s what I find most intriguing about antiques and collectibles. The idea that people from the past used these very things in their daily lives. Holding plates and cups…admiring delicate accessories…playing with games and toys…leafing through well-worn, and well-loved books. By recycling mementos from bygone days…we keep those who passed on…alive…in spirit.


    • That is the most enthusiastic comment I’ve ever received for my amateurish photos. Thanks lots! I enlarged them for my post so that you could “walk” through the cemetery with me…admiring tombstones from another time. And as you say…feeling the presence of the souls that rest beneath…and in heaven. Such a sense of the town, the lives, the history.


    • I totally agree. I don’t find it creepy now. I am drawn to cemeteries as a connection to the past. A lover of antiques and all things vintage, I’m intrigued by the stories behind the lives of those who are buried, especially those buried in turn-of-the-century burial grounds.


  2. Beautiful pics! You must visit the wonderful cemeteries of New Orleans. Be sure to ride the trolley lines out to the ones that are away from French Quarter. With New Orleans basically built in a swamp, everything is crypts and mausoleums as opposed to beneath the ground burials with headstones. Watch the movie “Double Jeopardy” with Ashley Judd before you go and you will definitely tread carefully through the cemeteries!


    • I got goosebumps while reading your comment. Cemeteries do that to me. That doesn’t deter me from wanting to see them, and wander through them. New Orleans will definitely be on our list of places to visit when hubby retires in a couple of years. And I love Ashley Judd…will have to rent “Double Jeopardy.” hugs…for visiting…and commenting. 🙂


    • Exactly! Although I’m Catholic, I’ve retained the superstitious characteristics of of my Hawaiian heritage. Our culture is founded upon nature. One god is the shark; another, fire. So whenever I visit the Islands, my senses are heightened. Because I’m Hawaiian, I feel my ancestral spirits would find me a useful medium. So I resist…for my own sake. I resort to my Catholicism…and pray silently. Sorry if I spooked you. Didn’t mean to.


    • Haven’t been to New Orleans in over 20 years. Was there on business, so I didn’t see much. Hope to return, perhaps when my husband retires and we’ve more time to see the country. Hope you enjoy your trip. And Happy Halloween to you too! 😆


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