wordpress…i’m impressed!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve done a little retooling of hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul. The look may appear the same but subtle changes, and some not so subtle, have been made in the placement of items.

You must think I’m a genie…a magician…a technological wizard! Truth be told…I’m no such thing.

I’m a fraud! And those who know me well know I’m the least savvy when it comes to gizmos and gadgets.

Everything you see before you is due to the genius that is Word Press. Their consistent  behind-the-scenes tweaking continues to enhance my blogging experience.

“Go big or go home!” seems to describe Word Press best.  Recently, my daughter said the same of me…

NASA Watching Atlantic Tropics: Katia, Tropica...

NASA Watching Atlantic Tropics: Katia, Tropical Storm Lee and System 94L [detail view] (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

…go big…or go home!!!…


6 thoughts on “wordpress…i’m impressed!

    • And you look like a youngster to my 63 years! Glad to know there’s no generational gap in appreciating Word Press’attempts to make blogging…easy-peasy. 🙂 Doesn’t mean it’s a “slam-dunk” for me…but without their help I’d never have gotten off the ground. 😦


        • Awww shucks! I try real hard to spiff up my blog now and then. I love trying the Themes offered by Word Press. Even that process runs more smoothly. Let’s hope I’m not eating my words any time soon. I have experienced the downside…being spammed from leaving comments in the Word Press community. That happened when its system was badly hacked. My blog was also deleted when I was accused of advertising products for sale. In both instances, Word Press apologized and my comments were no longer blocked, and my blog was reinstated. Both times I nearly gave up. I’m glad I didn’t. But I don’t take anything for granted. Things happen. 😦


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