weekly photo challenge: future tense #2

So many great entries in this Friday’s challenge. I was encouraged to submit a second, after visiting another blog.

Around the bend…another day…for as far into the future…as we allow.IMG_2901


24 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: future tense #2

    • Truth be told…the bridge was coincidental to the breaking dawn of a new day. I credit you, my friend, with your dual…and insightful…vision. You are a genius extraordinaire… 🙂


                    • No problem. I updated Hamlet’s speech to his mother Gertrude who married his uncle Claudius, evidently against Hamlet’s wishes. In addressing her weakness, Hamlet generalizes that all women, like his mother, are week…”Frailty…thy name is woman.” From my own experience after 42 years of wedded bliss (?) I think my husband would generalize that women are the most complex creatures to walk the earth. I have to agree…”Complex…thy name is woman.”

                      I’m sure you’re sorry you asked… 😆


                    • This is great! Wondering, if everyone very sensitive is quite complex and generally speaking (very generally) women tend to be more sensitive to their surroundings, picking up on all sorts of energies and unconscious communication which makes the world seemingly more complex and complex to navigate in and on top of that to distinguish between that which is sensed and own feelings? And on the top of the top women might tend to take things a wee bit more personal creating quite some walking of turbulence…. and I’m not even mentioning the ones a month… You might be sorry you explained 😀


                    • You might be right…the more sensitive…the more complex. I can vouch for that…as I am hyper-sensitive. I’ve been trying to tone it down…as I wend my way through my 6th decade on this earth.

                      Complexity can breed…stress. Stress often leads to serious illness. And that as we are all aware can be…the end of life as we know it. 😦


                    • Yes it is tough There is a great song by Tina Dico, “Life is cruel to the sensitive kind” and yet… It must be really a challenge to tone it down, I mean it’s your nature or? How do you do that? On this end, I focus on doing the opposite. I fine-tune it even further and listen as deep as possible and hidden in there I find an extraordinary compass and very precise one too, to navigate from in order not to fall victim to the sensitivity and be at the meci of it, but instead to surf it’s wave shouting eurika! and above all chose honesty with myself that by all means cannot afford to take myself too serious…. that sounded very serious didn’t it 😀


                    • Seems we’re running out of space in the comments section. No matter, though. We are enjoying our own witty selves. BTW…how old are you? My guess is you’re half my age. I’m on my way to 64…e toi? 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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