Something I heard on a news show today. Not a surprising statement about the topic of discussion…Rush Limbaugh…conservative radio personality.

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of mar...


My aversion to the man is akin to my total disgust for bed bugs. He and they…one and the same…as far as I’m concerned.

Seems Limbaugh is losing significant financial support. Advertisers have bowed to the wishes of women and young folk who oppose Limbaugh’s attack against those with whom they identify. Remember college student Sandra Fluke who spoke out in support of contraceptive coverage by health insurers?

On February 29, 2012, Rush Limbaugh labeled Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” based on her speech before House Democrats. Fluke appeared to support mandating health insurers to cover contraceptive costs. Limbaugh stated:[30][31]

“[Fluke] essentially says that she must be paid to have sex—what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.”

Political figures, including President Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner, voiced disapproval of Limbaugh’s comments.[32] On March 3, Limbaugh apologized to Fluke for his comments, saying his “insulting word choices” were meant to be “humorous”, and that he never believed her to be a “slut” or a prostitute.[33][34] Fluke rejected the apology as dubious and inadequate.[35]

Karma may be a long time coming, but when it arrives…

 …how sweet it is…

ACLU/SC 19th Annual Law Luncheon


6 thoughts on “karma…

  1. Firstly, I look forward to receiving your blogs. Seriously. I enjoy reading OTHER points of view. That’s the beauty of our
    Constitution . . . .Ahhhh yes KARMA. I understand Karma works both ways and . . .when taxpayers realize that what Sandra Fluke was asking was that others pay for her lifestyle. She wants the university system to provide “free” birth control for her paid by others. Well, isn’t that what a university education is for? When a janitor at her school sees that the cost of his healthcare went up so Sandra can “party”, KARMA will indeed raise its head. Not Rush Limbaugh. Incidentally, I don’t believe the person who wrote this article actually listens to Rush. Pity . . .liberals can be so closed-minded . . . .aloha


    • Opinions are just that…opinions. We all have a right to our own. Unfortunately, some try to strong-arm others to their way of thinking. That is a turn-off in and of itself…for me. But it’s obvious Limbaugh has his die-hard followers. It’s been noted that most of them are of the older generation. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being older. I’m older. It’s more about thinking…older. There are also close-minded conservatives. Democrats don’t have a corner on that market.


      • Certainly agree with you, sis. Unfortunately, the issue is greater than Rush Limbaugh or Piers Morgan, et al. The issue is the survival of our country as a Constitutional Republic. The real issue is the survival of our freedoms or whether the growing menace of a totalitarian government becomes our reality. The real issue is whether Christ is allowed to remain in our presence or will political correctness cause Him to turn His face from us or not. If that ever happens, this country is doomed to the ash heap of history as have many other great empires. And, we have failed our Founding Fathers and all those who have sacrificed their lives AND treasure. Not only for this country but, the entire world. For, no other country in the history of mankind has freed more people from the binds of tyranny the the USA. I guess we will certainly continue to disagree. That’s what intelligent people do, right? We of the Chock blood are self-thinkers. That is a burden I bear proudly. And I pray that our disagreements continue on the basis of aloha for you and I personally and our families. All my prayers and love go to my niece, Andrea. Think of you a lot.


        • You have always been a passionate debater, and avid listener of radio talk shows. That is your life, Ben. I am a fan of neither. I formulate my opinions on what I can wrap my brain around as it relates to my own life. I don’t try to hold forth on what others are doing wrong.

          I look at the proverbial cup as half-full, and I’m grateful for what is. Life as it was is never going to reappear no matter how much we wish it. Best move forward with today as the starting point…not yesterday and all the yesterdays that came before. That can become tiresome…living in the past. If not for you, then for those whom you insist listen to what you consider the one and only way to live their lives. You tend not to leave room for others to live as they choose. It can be smothering.

          You often speak for God. All I can say is that He gave each of us free will…to decide for ourselves how we want to live. He can’t think that all the rest of us who don’t think like you must be wrong. If we are not living up to His standards, we will answer to Him. I for one will take my chances with God. I believe He is compassionate and forgiving as long as we try to do our best. And that is what I am doing. I’m sure others feel the same way.

          Argumentative discussions are not my thing. They stir up negativity which can put a wedge between people. I’m glad you read my blog but this isn’t one which thrives upon confrontation. I don’t see life as so bad that I have to arm myself against it 24/7. I try very hard to be happy and positive.

          Life is too short to be such a curmudgeon. So…snap out of it, bro! Otherwise…we won’t have much in common. And that’ll be too bad…life is getting shorter.



          • luv ya sis but, I’m afraid I’ve already gone over to the dark (dark brown that is) side already. Oh, and I do think we do have a lot in common. Maybe not politically but, in one most important way. WE ARE NOT QUITTERS! Look at our children. If they believe that they are right, they will not back down until proven wrong. That is one of the faults that is part of the Polynesian culture that disturbs me a lot. That is, the willingness to kowtow without even positing our side of the argument. I’ve seen it in our dealings with the Japanese or Haole. Instead or explaining our side of the debate, we give in just to get along. Thanks to St. Anthony High School I was given the opportunity to learn and develop argument, pro and con, when I was appointed leader of our debate team. Debating others such as Suzie Baldwin from Maui High School taught me a valuable lesson in dealing with other cultures. Pray for me, sis. That I never become so “civilized” that I become politically correct. . . .aloha


            • There’s more to life than…debating…and politics. Wish you could enjoy the other aspects of life that God has created for us. You’re missing out on so much that is…beautiful…and good. I hope you’re spending as much time with my fabulous sister-in-law and niece and nephew as you do listening to radio talk shows…and defending your point of view to the death.

              Unlike you, Ben…I don’t remember all the honors and awards I might have garnered in the good ole’ days. My greatest reward is my marriage…and my beloved daughter. Nothing else measures up…for me.

              Take a walk…smile at your neighbors…pet a dog…let the sun warm your skin…and your heart…chat with a stranger. These are things I love doing. They make me…who I am…a person in love with life. That’s my moniker…not just being Hawaiian…or a Chock.

              One more thing…please don’t feel you always have to have…the last word.



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